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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Pensioners Club

Currently, I am an official member of the Pensioners Club. This club has two honorary members in this household, being both of my parents. Add to that the four cats which have been a recent addition to the family, and we have 7 members altogether. Oh yeah...we have cats in the family now. My sister adopted this cat a few months ago and before I can say 'Puss in Boots', she delivered 3 kittens and they're currently adored by everyone in this family except moi. And before Chi gives me that nasty look, I am getting attached to them as well. But in all honesty, this cat craze is getting a wee bit out of hand. First, there's the cage and all. And then there's the litterbox complete with the 'pooper-scooper', then it's the trip to the vet and now they even have plush toys? This isn't exactly Lassie you know. But why should i be complaining? Maybe a bit jealous coz i grew up on Milo and Ribena and they're having fresh dairy milk. What is wrong here?
Cat naps and furballs aside, life has been, well....slow. Senior members of the Pensioners Club seem to wake up early every single day. I think there's an unwritten rule somewhere. Thou shalt not wake up later than 7.
I'm sure the rule doesn't apply to me :p
And as a new member, I seem to be neglected for Pensioners Club activities, i.e. buying breakfast, walking at the Lake Gardens, surau activities and gardening. Ah well, at least I have my DVDs.
I feel a bit ashamed though being a non-active member. But honestly, it feels kinda nice. And why shouldn't it? Fresh newpaper ready for reading when you wake up, nicely served breakfast and home-cooked meals throughout the day. 'Tis is heaven.
I'm getting kinda worried that all this non-active duty will result in swelling in the abdominal area. (read: boroi) I need to break sweat. Jom lari kat Seremban 2.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o