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Monday, August 01, 2005

Pelan Tindakan Bersepadu

As a soon-to-be appointed servant of the Big G, I think I gotta practice making procedures and other crappy documents just so 'it looks nice'. And since I have approximately 28 days to go on my extended and unexpected long holiday, I've got to lay out a plan to counter my boredom in the coming weeks. Trust me, it's booorringgg to stay at home when everyone else is working. I'm barely surviving the week. Add to that the point that you're jobless with no income for the month just makes you feel like flipping burgers at the nearest 7-Eleven.
Anyhow, here is my Pelan Tindakan Bersepadu (Joint Action Plan) for the month of August, which basically comprises of the list of DVDs that are left hanging in my possession and waiting for a rainy day to be watched. Well, fret not DVD! You will be watched! So by 29th of August, everything in the list below will be watched. (plus a few more that will be added) And who knows, maybe i'll have a small award ceremony to reward the movies that help occupy my time. The movies/shows are (drum rolls):

The Assassination of Richard Nixon
Coach Carter
The Interpreter
Raging Bull
Apocalypse Now Redux (this is 4 hour marathon. Pray i'll survive)
The Hunted
House of D
The Perfect Score

TV Series / Mini-series
Angels in America (Chapter 4-6)
Lost (Full season - outsourced from Popo)
Desperate Housewives (Full season - outsourced from Jeg)
Arrested Development (this is a bloody riot! Full season - also from Popo)

okaylah, just so i don't look like a dumb-ass...i'll throw in a book as well:

Lord of the Flies (EE's recommendation. maybe she knows her kid brother's keen for Lost and Survivor TV series)

so i've got August pretty much settled, eh? pass the popcorn please.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o