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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Harry Potsmoker

In between ayam masak lemak and ketam goreng at the dinner table tonight, the name Harry Potter suddenly came up. Now, it should be known here that I am no big Potter fan. I dunno how it came up from wedding preparations and school activities to Harry Potter. Anyways, this is how it went:
Aku: Dah abis baca Harry Potter?
EE: Almost finishing up. Ko tau ending dia camna?
Aku: Errr...tak. (yeah, right. It's the worse kept secret)
EE: Dumbledore mati.
Aku: Oh ye ke? (putting on my best suprised face)
EE: I think it's good that he's dead.
Aku: Huh? (now i'm reallly suprised)
EE: Ye laaa...bole tengok kalau Harry bole survive on his own.
Aku: Ohhh...(somewhat puzzled)
EE: Entah-entah Harry mati in the next book.
And with that, I could just imagine the headlines:

Suicidal rates among children blamed on Potter
With the recent edition of Harry Potter and the Mass Graveyard, the alarming rate of suicide among children, especially in the 10-12 age group have increased unlike any seen before. Critics have blamed on the release of the new book, in which the title character Harry Potter is killed at the end. The latest outburst occurred just last week in Washington, where a classroom of Fourth Graders, lead by their teacher drank Kool-Aid laced with cyanide to mark their dissapointment at the book's ending. The author J.K. Rowling is unavailable for comment...

Aku: Nahhh...he won't die. Takkan punyalahh...

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o