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Thursday, August 04, 2005


The football season has yet to be in full swing, and yet I am already as hopeless as Wigan winning the league. (no offense to Wigan fans, but c'monnnn) Newcastle's and Celtic's lost in the Intertoto Cup and Champions League qualifying respectively left me with no team to support in Europe this season. Ahhh...phooey. Any team needs a neutral observer?
But maybe I should have read the signs. Celtic's first leg 5-0 lost to whateverthehelltheteamsname is a huge mountain to climb. Even though they almost went for a superb comeback with a 4-0 victory in the 2nd leg, all is lost my friend. All is lost. Sapa suruh concede 5 gol. Bodoh. Tongok.
And Newcastle? Maybe in Deportivo La Coruna they had more respectful opponents, but this is the InterToto Cup, you f***in cunts. Nobody plays footy in the summer. It's either you're a huge megastar club who's touring in lame countries such as the US and East Asia, or you're just plain losers who's desperate for European action. No prizes for guessing which group Newcastle belongs to.
Do I seem a bit bitter? Yeahhhh...considering the season's not yet officially started and I have no mid-week matches to stay up for. Hmmm...maybe it is a good thing after all. No it is not!! I so miss the times staying up on Tuesdays or Wednesdays to watch a European fixture. (notice that it's not Thursdays, okayyy?)
Ahhh...football is so cruel. And I was so looking forward to the new season. Even planned about having Emre's name emblazed across the back of the new strip. Why do I even bother?
Is it the voice of Andy Gray's thick Glasgowian accent screaming in delight?
Is it the sound of a 40-yard strike swooshing the back of the net?
Is it the cry of "Shearaahh, Shearaahh" ringing across St. James' Park?
Don't let me suffer the agony of Saturday nights with Mawi and company. The itch is too much to handle.
Let the season begin.

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