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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Time after time

ten years ago, i...
1. was worried about how many friggin A's i was gonna score in the PMR
2. had a crush on Cikgu Aiza
3. never heard of the Internet

five years ago, i...
1. was partying in Bukit Bintang ushering in the new millennium
2. was busy preparing for AVD (in some ways, i think it was a waste of time)
3. was worried whether i'll finish my degree

one year ago, i...
1. had just changed jobs and started going to the gym (that's 2 items, huh)
2. was a happy chap without purpose
3. started to know this one particular girl

yesterday, i...
1. went to see my 3rd movie in 3 days
2. used the services of PLUS Ronda for the 1st time in my life
3. didn't have nasi for the whole day, which rarely happens because my stomach acts funny in the absence of rice. (i call it perut melayu)

today, i...
1. went to an engagement ceremony. Congrats Nadz!
2. feel sleepy as hell
3. am at home in seremban, where they are rationing water and it sucks. saya mau air saya.

tomorrow, i...
1. will be on my last week of working in KL before i move to the East Coast
2. feel sooooooo lazy to go to work
3. wanna start to pack my stuff. There. I've said it.

Thanks Chi for the Questionnaire. Got any more aaaa? You know I want to :)

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o