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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Tag You're It: The Sequel

Tagged by Mooke. Here we go again...

1. Myself : I don't know how to describe myself. I'm a fusion of crazy+silly+loud mouthed+dreamy+sometimes sensitive guy who thinks a lot about nothing. How's that to challenge Seinfeld?

2. Wisdom : I like to think i'm a smartass. Wisdom-wise, i look up to my parents, my dad especially. I may not agree with him most of the time, but he's my hero. I like to pretend i know better than him during our clashes, but deep down...i don't know nuts. My mom's a gem too. She has this little philosophy on life that i like to listen to over late dinner with her. Her thoughts of course, would go along with a neighbourhood/family gossip in which in the end there would be a moral to the story. Haha...ini baru infotainmen namanya. It's nothing actually, but she's really a tough lady. Tak caya tanya bapak aku..hehe.

3. Regrets : I hate this word. It's like saying my life now sucks because ..... (fill in the blanks). My life doesn't suck now. It could have been better, yes. But no regrets. Seize the day, baby.

4. Family : Can't live without them. My heart and soul, i guess. My escape from everything. I have a dual-personality. At home, i am so-not-my-usual-self. I am the good son. Who mows the lawn when insructed, dan tidak melepak berpeleseran. Best.

5. Films : I am inspired by them. Movies have been my fascination ever since i could understand what they were saying. When there's nothing else to do, there's always a good movie to keep me company.

6. Faith : Sometimes i can't understand Atheists. In times of need, when you have no where else to go and no one to help you, who do you turn to? Faith in a Greater power have always helped me go through the tough times in my life. I hope i never, ever lose this faith. Alhamdulillah.

7. Friends : I am nothing without my friends. I feel blessed to have known every single one of you. Aku rasa aku takde musuh, even though aku tau korang mengumpat belakang aku...hehe. I wish i was more closer to my childhood friends though. Tu pasal la balik seremban boring kot.

8. Ideas : Saya ada banyak idea, tetapi kebanyakannya agak radikal dan tidak berfaedah. Saya suka idea-idea saya. Ia memberi saya satu macam kepuasan. Luahan di blog ini adalah satu bentuk luahan idea saya. Saya harap idea saya dapat diluahkan dalam medium yang lain juga. :p

Tagging time. I pick Kuman, Popo, Keng, Affy, Nik, Chics and Nadz. I don't have a reason. I just want u to update ur blog...hehe

P/S: Tag/send me those dumb questionnaires. Make 'em up if you have to. I don't care. I am officially addicted.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o