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I wrote this haiku
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It blows you away.

The name is irrelevant.
The person is male.
The age is older.
The stories are true.
This blog is mine.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Questionnaires Galore

if I were a month I would be:
January. i was born in it. why would i want another month?

if I were a day of the week I would be:
Sunday. laid-back, a lil' melancholic feel to it, just lazing away.

if I were a time of day I would be:
Dawn. I rarely see it, and so i cherish it.

if I were a planet I would be:
Mars, coz that's where men are from.

if I were a sea animal I would be:
A dolphin. Smart and cute. What i like to imagine myself to be. Hahaha.

if I were a direction I would be:
Lost. Because i don't know where i'm headed.

if I were a piece of furniture I would be:
A rocking chair. Watch the time go by.

if I were a sin I would be:
Greed. i want everything.

if I were a historical figure I would be:
Some significant symbol that people recognise yet they don't remember who. Like the Burning Monk or that guy who stood alone in front of the tanks in Tiananmen Square.

if I were a liquid I would be:
Teh O. Do i need to explain why?

if I were a tree I would be:
Those Sequoia trees in California. Thousands of years old and still going strong.

if I were a flower/plant I would be:
Daisies. A picture of happiness yet who knows what goes on inside?

if I were a kind of weather I would be:
Spring. Not too cold and not too hot. Keyword here is suam.

if I were a musical instrument I would be:
Guitar. The sound of it strumming just completes me.

if I were a color I would be:
Blue. No explanations needed.

if I were a vegetable I would be:
Carrots coz Bugs makes it so cool to munch on one.

if I were a sound I would be:
The sound of trees swaying in the wind because it's so soothing.

if I were an element I would be:
Water. Refreshing.

if I were a car I would be:
A Proton. Everyman's car.

if I were a song I would be:
A song written by Alanis. She knows me well. Honest.

if I were a movie I would be directed by:
Cameron Crowe because my life would have great soundtracks.

if I were a book I would be written by:
Garth Ennis. Violently funny. Okay, so he writes comic books but who cares?

if I were a food I would be:
Any kind of homemade masak lemak. Deliciously sinful.

if I were a place I would be:
Cheers. Where everybody knows your name.

if I were a material I would be:
Cotton. Soft and cooling.

if I were a taste I would be:
Bittersweet. Coz i'm like that.

if I were a scent I would be:
The smell of the outdoors after a heavy rain. There's no word to describe it.

if I were a word I would be:

if I were an object I would be:
A wheel. Simple yet usable.

if I were a body part I would be:
The eyes becoz that's the window to the soul.

if I were a facial expression I would be:
A poker face, becoz some say i don't have an expression.

if I were a cartoon character I would be:
Barney Rubble. I'm always the nice, blur sidekick.

if I were a shape I would be:
A circle. I have no edges.

if I were a number I would be:
0. because i think i'm worth that.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o