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Monday, July 11, 2005

Endau Rompin: A photoblog

Last weekend was a blast. Me and a couple of buddies went down over to spend the weekend away from the big, bad city of Keyel and went to Rompin. Because if u wanna get away, this place is really away. Actually, this was a trip long overdue. I can't even believe that we finally did it. The journey there was an adventure itself, through the kampung roads of Kuala Pilah, Muadzam Shah and finally, Rompin. And how i love long road trips, but only if i have company. And in Tippie and Mandorm, i had the best ones around, especially Tipah with her endless supply of snacks. The journey didn't start off as rosy though, with some people getting a glimpse of my short-temperedness. Luckily, all is fine and things were buried by the time we reached our destination. My sincere apologies to all. Altogether our rombongan of 3 cars with 9 people could challenge Mak Cik Kiah any day. Making our way from that house in Jalan Gasing on Friday night was really a smart move. Driving at night is a delight, especially when there's not too many cars on the road. And by using the Seremban-Bahau-Muadzam Shah route, i don't think i would be dissapointed by the traffic which was almost non-existent. Reached there around 2.30 am, with the reception desk waiting eagerly for our arrival. No prizes for guessing why. It's a good thing we were greeted with a smile after a long journey, so kudos to that awek-jaga-reception Summerset Resort Friday night shift. Other than that, their staff wasn't particularly happy shiny people like how they appeared on those dumb travel brochures. But a few unreliable hotel staff wasn't gonna ruin our vacation. No way, Jose. We were gonna have fun. And fun we did have right, Jeg? Hehe.
It's a shame though that Jeg could have had fonder memories of our trip here. Takpelah, setakat Endau Rompin ni apa la sangat compare dengan Ibiza, kan? Actually, the resort was a great place for a getaway from everything. And i mean everything, because i had to go all the way to the town of Kuala Rompin just to get a decent line for a phone call. The best bet you can get in the resort area is probably from the top of one of the palm trees. So mobile coverage aside, this was the place to laze around and do fun stuff all day. We played water polo, volleyball and swam in the swimming pool till the chlorine got to our heads. The beach? I lost count the number of times we went down there. This is the way life should be. Stay in the sun until it scorched our skin. And watching the sun rise in the morning was one helluva sight i tell ya. I'm not known for my early rise in the morning, especially during the weekends. But this one was really worth it. No wonder people live longer when they wake up early. Dawn breaking is just a picture of calm and peacefulness. Am lucky to be able to get it all in. I guess a breath of fresh air that isn't fortified with carbon monoxide really feels good too. It's kinda funny that when i think about it, i can't imagine how i can survive in the rural areas, where the shops are dead and buried by nine and where everything seems to be so laid back and moving in slow-motion. It was peaceful and relaxing yes, but living everyday like this could make me go berzerk. But since this was the weekend, i just let everything out. I just did what i wanted to do. And i think the salty air got to my head too, coz i was doing cartwheels all over the place. High gile menerbalikkan diri tau.
I dunno why, but on some moments i think that this would be among the last time i'll enjoy myself with this amzing group of people. With the move to Kemaman and all, it really did strike me that my life will change dramatically from next month. I always thought that being away would be good for me, because i've always thought of myself as an independent person. Yet, it frightens me to know that i have to start things afresh, the last time being 13 years old where i knew no one and every face was a stranger. The unknown future awaits me. Though frightening, it is intriguing to see how far the rabbit hole goes. The trip back to KL was a pleasant one. Being so used to driving, it's nice to sometimes lay in the back seat and let someone else worry about the traffic. At least it gives me some time to just relax and let my mind loose. (read: think and worry about the future) By Sunday evening, we finally stumbled upon something that was strangely missing for the past 2 days: A traffic jam. Yes, Kuala Lumpur at last. Polluted air, crazy drivers and all. It's nice to be home.

Thanks to everyone who was involved directly or indirectly with this trip. You know who you are. Thanks a million. You people are like brothers and sisters to me.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o