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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Ask me not

The one-who-wish-not-to-be-named asked me these questions. Here goes:

1. Who's your favourite serial killer?
Wahhh...favourite? I hate favourites coz u have to decide which is the best among the many best that you like. Being an undecisive person, my choices may vary from day to day. I'm not answering the question here, am i? Okay laa...if there is a favourite serial killer it would be Jack the Ripper for the simple reason that after 100+ years, we still don't know who he/she really was. Dahmer, Bundy, Berkowitz might be superstars, but look what happened to them. Jack? He literally laughed his way to the grave. During a time when serial killers didn't even have a name for what they did, Jack the Ripper was the first. And he didn't get caught. He didn't even have Marlyn Manson or violent Hollywood movies to blame for what he did. Genius.

2. Serial killers are born, not bred. Discuss.
No way. They're not born like that. It's how they were brought up and their surrounding environment. In short, they were bred to be monsters. Look at all the notorious killers. They didn't exactly have a rosy-dosy childhood did they? The traits are almost the same. Broken family, bullied, molested and traumatised during childhood. I don't think Dahmer would become like he did if say, he was my brother or something. Not that i would love for him to be my brother, but it would have been a different story. Totally different.

3. In your opinion, why are there no serial killers in Malaysia?
Hmmm..interesting. I guess i blame psychopaths on the economic situation of a country, being the more advanced you are, the more likely that you'll have madmen running loose. That's why the good 'ol US of A has tons of these psychos. I guess Asians generally are not that violent due to our tradition of close family values. So i repeat here again, it's how these people are brought up. Let's see...Mom is smoking pot. Dad just came back from the bar. Sister is high on cocaine. Brother is shooting empty cans at the back. I think i'll study some calculus. Yeah right.

4. What is your most humiliating experience?
Oh boy...i cringed when i read this question. This is not a well-known fact, i don't tell about this much, but since i wanna be as honest as i can on these questions, here goes. Masa Form Four dulu, aku penah jatuh ke dalam kolam Masjid Negara. You read that right. Kolam Masjid Negara. Lepas Maghrib pulak tu, time orang ramai baru abis sembahyang berjemaah. Dah la masa tu PPM Final, tambah lagi celaka. That was the worse day in my life mannn. Nasib baik sekolah aku menang. Tak sia-sia aku buat kuak lentang kat situ. Bodoh punya badge, sebab nak pasang kau la aku jatuh. Dah laaa..i'm turning red as i'm typing this out. Shit.

5. Many parents panic and experience bouts of depression when their grown up kids don't show any signs of getting hitched by the age of 25, especially so when it's their daughters. Why do you think this is so? Is this an appropriate model for the younger generation?
I guess parents being parents are concerned about their kids. So by the time when the jiran sebelah and all the sedara-mara starts to ask THE question, they get jumpy. They start to panic. Oh noooo...my superstar kid prodigy is gonna grow old with cats. Abang/angah/adik, bile nak kawin? Dah ada boifren/gerfren? Orang mana? Lawyer? Magistrate? Whatever.
So please excuse them. Orang Melayu memang suka bab-bab kawin ni. Favourite topic. So that they can boast they have the best reception, The best food. The coolest guests. Or it can become a great topic to gossip on. Makan tak sedap la. Servis tak elok la. Apa tuk nenek lagi laa. In short, it's all peer pressure. Not just peers, but the whole keturunan pressure. And it's not good for the young ones. Ingat kawin ni main2 ke? Belaja tak abis lagi dah kawin. Mana ko dapat duit? PTPTN kasi loan extra ke sapa yang kawin masa study? Or takkan FAMA kot. Oh yeah, of course la kann. Thank goodness for parents like these. Next to Goverment subsidy, parental aid is what keeps the orang Melayu going. Cayalah.

The Official Interview Game Rules
1. If you want to participate, leave a comment below saying "interview me."
2. I will respond by asking you five questions - each person's will be different.
3. You will update your journal/blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview others in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Sila, sila. Jangan malu-malu. Saya takde keje ni. Kalau nak tanya saya lagi pun bole. Just make sure there's 5 questions. Boy, i'm gonna miss this.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o