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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

AF: Benci Tapi Mahu

I've had it up to here with Akademi Fantasia. yeap, up to here. and yet, i keep myself up-to-date with its happenings whether i like to or not. and why not? i go back home in Kelana Jaya, all my housemates watch Diary AF religously. go to Gasing, someone is usually watching, though for a totally different reason. go back home to Seremban...well, my mom's not a big fan but she was the first person who told me about 'Mawi's World' tagline. my own mother? telling me about Mawi and AF? something is seriously wrong with this picture.
but like it or not, demam AF is everywhere. even though for me..it wasn't demam like the previous ones. i have yet to watch a full AF concert from start to finish. and yet, i am still aware of what goes on. the scandals. the controversies. God help me.
tak namanya orang Melayu sejati kalau tak tau pasal AF. can i say that? of course. because from the office to even my own family dinner, people talk about AF. i can't believe we talked about Mawi over ikan bakar in Port Dickson. Mawi, you are one lucky dude. my Dad knows who you are. and i thought the only celebrity he knows is Clint Eastwood and P. Ramlee.
and receiving a forwarded e-mail about the so-called conspiracy against Mawi by ASTRO just takes the cake. for goodness sake, ASTRO called him up after rejecting him for the first time. what does THAT tell you? c'mon la AF fans, for one f***in' minute, please use your brains once in a while. he's the star attraction, why the hell would they want to get rid of him?
this entry seems to be more foucused on Mawi rather than the show. which is exactly what the show has become anyway..The Mawi Show. okay, okay...i'm no big fan of the guy. so people say he's got the 'package'. he's the perfect example of the kid from the kampung who's living his dream. i'm not taking anything from him, but pleaseee la. we've known him for hardly 3 months. and to judge him as the next male 'Siti', isn't that a bit premature? we've even got politicians on the Mawi bandwagon. ahhhh well...artis and Datuks, what else is new?
for me, it seems kinda funny how much attention is given to this small lucky group of people. i think some singers who've been around years in showbiz doesn't receive this type of attention. the fact that i'm blogging about them is one testament to the popularity of AF. i feel that the show is quite enjoyable, but the stories behind it is what makes it yummier. without the controversies, AF is just another show. maybe ASTRO has AF spin-doctors of their own. and if they do, i tell you these guys are good. really good.
so what's next in Mawi's world? one thing i know, i'm rooting for Amylea. the girl may not have the looks, but the talent's there, baby. and she doesn't seem to be trying hard to act in front of the camera. because that's the way it should be. just be yourself.
macam nak demam je.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o