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Monday, May 23, 2005

Terms of engagement

last Saturday was a big day for the family. my one and only sister (i don't have that much siblings to go around with) takes a huge step towards the pelamin when she got engaged. i'm so happy for her. it was really the 1st real test in taking the steps to the promised land, the no-look-back scenario of marriage life. it's great. they've known each other for 6 years now (if i'm not mistaken), and going through what most couples would go through in their lives was a joy to watch. and i'm not even talking about the wedding yet.
hmmm...occasions like this always reminds me of how time flies by. EE is engaged. wow...when i remembered how we used to have fights and quarrels as kids, it really strikes me that time is never a slow chap. and how the nama manja of EE was given to her by me, who as a small kid could never be able to mutter the name Ida properly. and so, i guess i just blurred out 'EE' and the rest is history. (i do not think she would approve of this information on the world wide web, but since this blog is unknown to my family members, it should remain that way)
on another note, it was a hectic day. family members from the Negeri Sembilan and KL area came and slept at the house on the night before, just to lend a helping hand. family gatherings are such a treat. the sight of people sleeping everywhere in the house on Toto mattresses reminds me of the days at rumah Arwah Tok Chik during Hari Raya. even my cousins who lived a few houses away slept over, just for the fun of it.
and the day itself...my goodness. from picking up the cake across town, setting up the tables (oh yeah...the catering people were d***heads) and being part-time photographer-cum-usherer-cum-runner cum laude, i was a deadbeat by the time the whole thing finished. and yet, it was satisfying. Mama and Papa looked pleased as well, maybe a bit relieved that the whole thing is over. i think ceremonies like this bonds family members, because i noticed that a lot of people were catching up on each other's activities. though a lot of cousins and relatives are working in the KL area, it's only times like these that we can sit down and catch up on each other...and talk crap as well. and we never ever run out of crap, that i tell ya.
so i'm looking forward to the wedding end of this year, InsyaAllah. my dad's giving me signs for me to be the Project Manager for this event (macam Apprentice la plakk). heh.
i shall look forward to that, if given the opportunity (rubbing hands). mana la tau kann...if this works out, maybe i'll consider a career as a wedding planner.
yeah. whatever.
anyways, here's a picture of her, my sister, the engaged woman:

Congratulations EE!

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