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Monday, May 09, 2005

Mother's Milk

yesterday the world celebrated Mother's Day. such a nice celebration. it would be a crime not to have a special day for mothers worldwide. after all the struggles that they go through, i wouldn't even bother if they had a Mother's Month.
i've noticed that this is the 2nd year straight that i'm wishing my mother from a simple phone call. u could say that this entry here comes from being partly guilty for not going back to Seremban for the weekend. like the guy on radio said, "It's only half an hour!"
yeah, yeah...so kill me would ya?
in any case, i have my own reasons. and besides, i don't need a special day to tell Mama i love her. (alasan terbaik when u forget about a special occasion)
mothers are truly special people. we often underestimate the powerful role that they play in shaping society. think about it...would the world have seen the likes of Hitler, Pol Pot or Dahmer had they had better mothers? though each individual are responsible for their own actions, outside factors also play a role. and u would have to say that mothers are a big factor.
how big a factor do they play? according to the CIA's World Factbook, the total world's population is 6,446,131,400. the total fertility rate is 2.6 children born per woman. since everyone is this world is somebody's child, i could estimate that there are 2,479,281,307 mothers in the world. though this might not be a good estimate, since the fertility rate ranges from year-to-year, it gives a good idea on how many people we have who are mothers to politicians, bank robbers, sports icons, serial killers and other beings who walk this Earth. quite a number, isn't it? even typing the number out was a handful.
so bearing the job position of 'Mother' is no small task. though fathers also play a part in human development, mothers are the CEO. it takes more than hard work, discipline and patience to become a good mother. though there is no clear-cut definiton of a 'good mother', any mother who loves their children should be considered one.
so here's a big thank you to all mothers, mamas, bondas, ibus, maks, umis and okaasans of the world, especially to one in Bukit Chedang.
Selamat hari ibu.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o