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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

For King and Country

how far would you go in the name of patriotism? the fine line between individual needs and the needs of the country was questioned yesterday when Ahmad Harizal Ahmad Fauzie became the first National Service shirker to be sentenced to jail. it wasn't much of the fact that he was the first to be penalised for skipping National Service, but more on the reason that he didn't attend because of the fact that he was working to support his poor family.
i personally, was shocked and bewildered when i first heard the news. i mean...come on laaa...have we lost our inner conscience and care for our fellow mankind? his family of 4 lived on his mother's RM 150 salary. 150 in today's world? i bet the judge gets higher than that in one day alone.
u could argue that you have to put your foot somewhere in laying down the rules. as the judge said that it should serve as a lesson for other National Service shirkers. i myself, take pride in being a patriotic Malaysian. i love this country of ours. but in cases like this, maybe Ahmad Harizal didn't have the luxury to be patrotic because he was busy worrying how he was gonna eat today. i couldn't care less if he was a spoiled middle-class brat, but seeing his family background...don't tell me u didn't have sympathy?
it's funny u know, that the ones who usually suffer...well..maybe suffer is too harsh, let's just say people who feel the effects of Government policy are people in the lower class group. i mean..i dunno the facts laaa...but how many teenagers who are the sons and daughters of Datuks and Tan Sris are selected for National Service? yeah, yeah...so they select people at 'random'. but random is still something controlled by humans, right?
i mean...i'm not saying National Service alone. look at our education policy which changes with every passing Minister. and when u see that most politicians send their children to study abroad, doesn't that strike as being suspiciously strange? if they trust the policies that they've implemented, why are they sending their kids overseas? lead by example, they say...lead by example.
and going back to Ahmad Harizal's plight, well...the law is still the law. but laws are also created by man, so maybe cases like this should be studied and reviewed so that future Ahmad Harizals would not be punished for doing something he didn't really have the luxury of choosing from. no one is above the law, but since some people act like they're above it, why not act for people like him too...

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