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Monday, May 30, 2005

Blog about Star Wars I will

Caution: Blog on Star Wars. Reader discretion is advised. You have been warned.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...George Lucas had this brainy idea of an intergalactic battle between Good and Evil. 28 years on, the final piece of that saga comes to an end with The Revenge of the Sith. and since everyone's talking about Star Wars lately, why shouldn't I?
i guess the movie deserves a posting of its own based on 3 reasons:
1. maybe the 2nd movie ever that i went to see at the cinema twice. can't remember the first one.
2. it's probably the last Star Wars movie. (note the probably, because when it comes to money-bags Lucas, who can be sure?)
3. it's Star Wars, damnit!

and to tell you the truth, if u really wanna feel like u're in the midst of the battle at Coruscant or experiencing every light sabre clashing in Mustafar, u gotta see it in a THX cinema. it really makes a difference, man...because i was lucky to be able to compare a so-so cineplex in Seremban up against the mighty THX-driven cinema in MidValley. and no...George Lucas is not paying me anything for saying this, but if he'd like to offer me something...u know how to find me, Mr. Lucas.
Star Wars is one of those things in life that connects almost each and everyone of us. i mean...who has never heard of Star Wars? our fascination with the Star Wars universe and how our lives was affected by it has become stories we grow up with. most people will remember the first time they watched Star Wars, their favourite character, their first action figure, and countless other Star Wars-related memories. i remember i had those Storm Trooper action figures and how i used to love my Star Wars bedsheet with a picture of Luke against Darth Vader. i could go on forever with these kinda stories, but the simple fact is...Star Wars is a simple story that captured our imagination. add to that, Lucas's brilliant concept of merchandising and u get....a full-blown multi-million dollar industry that is the Star Wars universe alone. to see the funny side of the Force, i would recommend Mel Brooks' classic Spaceballs to see how seriously crazy we've become of Star Wars.
but i have to admit that the 2 previous episodes of Star Wars was a dissapointment. i watched Attack of the Clones only once, which was the first time in the cinema. i guess everyone was really waiting for Episode 3 because it linked the Star Wars universe that we love so much back in the 80's with whatever crap that Lucas gave us in the late 90's. it was the final jigsaw in the life of Anakin Skywalker that we have become so familiar with.
and in all honesty, i loved ROTS. i guess u couldn't complete the saga in a better way. if there were any complaints, it would be the lack of appearance by the black-suited, new-and-improved-yet-breathing-assisted Darth Vader. but who the hell was responsible for writing those awful one-liners from Obi-Wan? it makes a mockery of the larger-than-life Ben Kenobi that we've grown accustomed to thanks to the great Sir Alec Guinness. i don't blame Ewan McGregor coz i think he himself was cringing in his Jedi robe as he spoke those corny lines.
all in all, Revenge of the Sith was a great finale or should we say finale till Luke grows up. a lovely piece to link all 6 movies. so i guess we won't be anticipating any new Star Wars movie for the time being. i heard that Lucas is planning to re-issue all 6 movies in 3D starting from 2007, so it's good to hear that he won't be poor anytime soon. heyy...where else would we use our hard-earned money if not to contribute to the Lucas cause?
hopefully in 3-4 weeks, all this Star Wars hooplah will subdue so we can go on with our lives until the next summer blockbuster comes and sweeps us off our feet (not to mention wallets). and oh yeah...please stop all those Yoda-ish talks. irritates me it does.
with you, may the Force be.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o