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Monday, April 25, 2005

Penyakit Friendster

it's been a slow day, so i apologise for the lame entry. i wanna talk about something on Friendster. and if you don't know what Friendster is, please come out of the cave u're living in. it's not healthy u know.
yeah...yeah...so Friendster is lame...so please do explain why the hell you log into it without fail 30 times a day??
anywayyy.... i'd like to highlight on something they have on the sidebar of each person's page. u know...the 'Popular searches in my network' thing. first and foremost, what the hell is the purpose of this? who actually uses this tool?? come on laaaa...the hell i care what u guys search for. jangan search cari gambar bogel aku sudah laaaa....ehhh...forget i said that.
this thing kinda gives some sorta impression on you, u know. take for example, my 'Popular searches in my network' today. here goes...all 10 of 'em:

1. paha gebu - paha, peha, whatever the spelling...it's a wonder how this one got to number one
2. cute malaysia ladies - hmmm..this one's OK, i guess. never ever get tired of cute ladies i tell ya
3. free video (sex) - another sleazy word search. it makes me wonder though, kat Friendster in banyak porn sites ke?? have u ever heard of something called Google? and what's with the kurungan on each side of the word 'sex'? do u get a better result by doing this?
4.MAZDA RX-9 - i don't have a clue what kinda car this is, but this one's acceptable lah..
5. cute japanese ladies - no matter what u believe, i DID NOT search for this...maybe later though...hehe
6. free mp3 songs - hello?? bit torrent ada, WinMX ada, LimeWire ada, Kazaa ada, iMesh ada...Friendster jugakkkkk ko cariii....sigh..
7. free prono - bloody idiots. it's PORNO. P-O-R-N-O. PORNO!! nak buat benda jahat pun typo. apadaaaaaaa....
8. kissing - ohhhhhhh....maybe i'll get lucky too...
9. meraung kesedapan - nuff said. get ur imagination running. fast.
10. body language flirting - this one's kinda funny. never thought of this, honestly. maybe should do some research of my own....

so there u have it....the ever-so-reliable 'Popular searches in my network'. is it true? is it a fake? no one knows, but one thing's for sure...
never leave Friendster without it.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o