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Monday, April 18, 2005

Broader than life

on Saturday, 16th April 2005, New Straits Times released its final version in broadsheet format. and with that, 160 years of tradition is halted to make way for changes for the new era.
i'm a nut for nostalgia. from the things i have in my room, u can be pretty sure of that. how many people would claim to still have their Standard Four results or the offer letter for my enrollment in my secondary school? so when NST announced that they would cease production of their broadsheet edition, i was somewhat sad. it's funny though, that ever since NST was released in compact edition on 1st September last year (which i have a copy of), i never bought the broadsheet edition. the compact edition was nice and easy to read on the go, especially on the train. and it didn't take up much space too while u were having your morning roti canai. but because the broadsheet is what reminded me of the NST that i knew, well...it's like a goodbye to an old friend.
like millions of other NST readers, i too would claim to grow up with the NST. it's my dad's favourite paper so u can see the link there. memories of Sundays as a kid would be one of Papa in his favourite chair going through his New Sunday Times. not giving a damn for current events then, i would wait in vain for him to finish to go through my Sunday comics. sometimes, he would just take the comics section out just to ease my anxiety.
but as i grew older, more of the NST made sense to me. to me, the NST was a 'serious' paper. u knew u could rely on the news there, in contrast to say, Utusan Malaysia or the Malay Mail. i would love to go through the Sports section, looking forward to a weekly column by one of its sportswriters (i forgot who), who has stopped writing nowadays because of something he wrote. he openly critised a Malay ruler who holds an important position in one of the national sports bodies and well...let's just say they didn't like it. but i assume he's still writing under the pen-name Peminat Sukan.
the NST was and still is my favourite newspaper. it's only when i'm looking for jobs that i would refer to the Star. other than that, it's been my source of news and information for years now. broadsheet or not, i will still be relying on it. and since i'm a nostalgic freak, i have in my hands the final broadsheet edition last saturday and also the new-look NST out today. the new edition of the NST looks kinda 'tabloid-ish', i might say. they shouldn't have changed the font of the logo. i prefer the old one.
i still dream of one day having my own weekly column in the NST. when i'm someone worth listening to, that is. so till then, i have this blog of mine just for practice. Times have changed, maybe i should too...

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