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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Quite a fee for a pee

yesterday, i shelled out 2 bucks....well..it was more like a buck je coz kuman belanja singgit. still, it was the most i ever paid to go to the loo. 2 bucks mannnn...for a wee-wee? i can just imagine it, saying to my kid..."Masa time ayah dulu bayar 2 ringgit pergi toilet pun dah mahal" as i shelled out 5 bucks for him to go to the toilet. so oil prices have soared...but the loo?? c'mon laaaaa....
well, that so-called luxurious toilet can be found in Suria KLCC. it's been around for some time, but after some coaxing (and some incentives, i might add) from kuman...i reluctantly stepped inside the 'Taj Mahal' of all toilets.
inside, i found the place very clean...something unusual for a public toilet in Malaysia. the smell was nice, and they even had this guy (like a butler) on standby. for what reason i don't know. maybe he'll give me a back massage or something kot...i thought. inside the toilet cubicle they had this full-size mirror in front of you so that u could watch yourself peeing (i think). seriously i didn't know the purpose of that, but if the toilet is for both ladies and men...then a million ideas pop up to mind...hehhehe. baru la Ally Mcbeal. and the toilet was supposed to be automatic too. well, automatic my ass lahhh coz i had to flush the darn thing myself. so much for technology.
but u know how i like my toilets....with water pipes of course! there was none available, but you could utilise the cute tissue papers they provided in Kimberly-Clark dispensers. 2 bucks and no water?? toilet pe bende ni?? i shall not start on that coz that'll take another entry all by itself.
it was kinda funny coz they provided some body spray, talcum powder and i think some kind of moisturizer at the sink. it gets weirder and weirder as i explored this 2 dollar toilet. apa? ada orang mandi sini ke? there was no shower, so throw that idea out. but it was all Body Shop lah so i guess some part of the 2 ringgit goes there kot. and they even had those wet towels u could take that smelled nice. that was kinda cool, coz it really helps to freshen u up.
so that was my trip to the 'Two Dollar Loo' in KLCC. but here's my idea of what a real 2 ringgit toilet should look like...
1) firstly, get rid of the guy inside. replace with a girl. and vice versa for the women's toilet.
2) WATER! get me some water, for goodness sake. not cute, white tissue paper. ingat ni wedding ke??
3) improvise on the things at the sink la people. talcum powder? baik letak je some cheap immitation perfume for all i care....
4) 4 until 10 cannot be explained here due to explicit content, but it has something to do with No. 1

so if u ask me was it worth the Two Ringgit, well...let me say that after a full nasi lemak with lauk in the morning...u wouldn't give a damn if it was 10 bucks punnn. when nature calls...u BETTER come calling!
*for other perspectives and pictures, click HERE*

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