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Monday, January 03, 2005

My 2004

1st working day of the year. so we're in 2005 now. wasn't it just yesterday we were worrying about the Y2K bug and how we were gonna solve the two digit problem? 5 years on...at the half-decade mark..a lot of things have changed. and i mean a lotttt...
but i won't dwelve on that issue for now...i just wanna reflect on the year that was for me. yup, it's always about me. me, me, me. (say it like Agent Smith in Reloaded).
anyways...2004 was a good year for me. this was the year i finally graduated from university after years of labor, and not to mention earfuls of blabbering by the family. Alhamdulillah, I finally got up on the sacred stage of the DTC to get my scroll. i also switched jobs this year, from the rough, sweaty environment of the Shah Alam factory to the air-conditioned, but sometimes stinky place near KLCC. yup..it was a contrast of workplace, but i think it was for the better. only time will tell....
other highlights include seeing Brandon Boyd live for the first time ever as Incubus set foot on our shores. it was a memorable night...i remember trying to sneak out of the factory early just to catch the show that night. me, kajun, pullah, mandom, achit and not to forget tippie. i guess it can all be summed up in Brandon's own words...
"The audience was one of the more animated that we had ever seen and proved to be so until the last note of our set. I'll never forget seeing all the girls in the crowd with their veils over their heads and dancing as hard as their Chuck Taylors would allow! It was a cultural paradox at it's finest! We'll never forget Malaysia!"
take a bow, guys....hehehe...
i think 2004 was also the year that i saw Malaysia playing live the most number of times. first, it was the showdown with Norwich City (courtesy of free tix from Radio 4), the Asian Youth Tournament in Cheras and the ongoing Tiger Cup. u can never get enough of football, no matter how teruk the Malaysian team play. oh well...
and how can i forget Old Boys' Weekend in september. ahhhh...being back in school after all these years felt great. seeing old buddies, teachers and landmarks that you grew up on...it reminds you how much time have gone by and how u wished u never grew up in the first place.
and us bloggers should be celebrating 2004 because according to ABC news...we're People of the Year. so blog was THE word of 2004. it's kinda funny being part of a cultural icon. it's like saying to your kids you were a hippy in the 60's or u danced the night away in discos back in the 70's. every generation has their own trademark...i'm just glad i had nothing to do with big hair and huge shoulder-pads.
and finally, how could we end 2004 without mentioning the tragedy that strucked us as the year ended. the tsunami disaster in Asia will go down in history as one of the worst ever and how we recover from this will be a true testament to us as human beings. with this tragedy that befell us, we can only hope for a better year ahead.
and oh yeah...i met someone special this year. truly glad i did....

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o