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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Movie and Me

ughhhh...it's been a hectic week for me. no mood to bitch about work and shit. yeahhh...so everybody says work sucks. i'm not gonna add to that. baik aku cite benda lain. at least it keeps my mind of this load of shit that's been piled upon me.
so they announced the nominees for this year's Academy Awards yesterday. not much suprise. ohhh yeahh..Puteri Gunung Ledang wasn't nominated in the Best Foreign Language Film category. as if laaaa, but u know being malaysian...u just hoped...mana lah tau kan?? it was a long, long shot anyway. and besides, the movie wasn't all that great.
i love the Oscars. i've been in love with it since i was in school. i dunno...it just made me feel so good to watch an 'Oscar Nominated' film. it's like you were with the 'In' crowd at a film critics' society or something. but more often than not, Oscar winners seldom dissapoint. who could forget Tom Hanks running for his life as the cry of 'Run, Forrest, run' plays in the background. or the sight of a stuttering Dustin Hoffman recalling every name and number in the phone book in 'Rain Man'. or even the great Sir Anthony Hopkins asking, 'Have the lambs stopped screaming, Clarrreeesssss?
i'm a big fan of movies, but then...who isn't? whether it's a summer action no-brainer or the heaviest of all dramas...i love them if they entertain me, whether mentally or just for the fun of it. but at times...it's great to have movies that make you think, because movies are about life and the world we live in. it could be superman flying around in his underwear or just about a small-town family in rural America...somehow, u could relate to it.
and because i consider that nothing much happens in my life, it's great to escape reality by indulging myself in a movie. movies inspire, teach and comfort me. they move me, make me laugh (but not cry). the closest i've ever come to crying in a movie is 'I Am Sam'. itupun aku dah sebak habiss, tapi sebab hati dah stone...the teardrops didn't fall. so powerful are movies that they can unite and yet...make people go to war. the world seems to be an interesting place from a movie's point of view. that's why if it's 'Based on a true story', the story usually sells. which shows that life IS interesting. it's just us that go about whining about it. (or is it just me?)
so who will be reciting their long-waited acceptance speech this February 27th? what oscar moment will be lived and remembered for this year? who will be cheering? who will be whining? the big studios have already started their marketing campaign. it's an all-out war. it's not pretty, but that's Hollywood. i've always dreamed about winning an Oscar. i even have an idea of how my acceptance speech will go like. but then reality strucked and i realise that i'm stuck here in my office at 6.30 typing out my blog. sigh.

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