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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Global Meltdown

yep....she's hot alrite. 'she' is Malaysia. and for those not here to experience it...it's friggin' hot here lately. i can't remember the last time it rained in KL. this afternoon, we were lucky to get 5 minutes of drizzling rain in seremban. yup...u read that right...5 minutes....or was that 3? and this coming from a tropical country where we get rain all year long. something is seriously wrong with the global climate, and i don't need no NASA scientists to tell me that.
as i sit here sweating in my own room at midnight gives u an idea of how hot it is. last night, i even slept with the air-condition on....something i don't do often coz i'll end up in the morning with my nose running like the Ulu Bendul falls. the heat really makes it tiring to go anywhere. i just feel like staying indoors until this heat wave is over. but then, i'll be almost 30 by the time i get out.
speaking of heat, just completed the PTD exams today. the exam was held at the KGV school dewan, where the afternoon heat was really felt. i was sweating and feeling sticky all over, and to be in this crummy dewan...mannn...u'd wished there was a swimming pool nearby. the exams was okay, i guess. just trying out my luck. kutuk-kutuk Gomen pun, nak keje gak ngan Gomen. heyyy...if someone's gonna be KSN, why not me? hehehe....
i really hope this heat wave will be over soon. it physically and mentally drains you. everything looks crummy. grasses are no longer green and my car looks like a piece of junk. gotta send her for wash tomorrow. usually it's the rain that does this job, but haven't seen that for a while.
i guess all of this has got to do with the crazy global climate that we're experiencing now. first, there was the snow in Dubai, freak storms in the US and even floods in Mecca! something fishy is seriously going on here. sometimes i just feel that the end is near. memang kita umat akhir zaman pun, but i honestly hope i'm long gone before it happens. this is no doomsday alarm here. it's just how i feel and it's funny that i may acknowledge it, but do nothing to prepare myself. let's hope for better weather and to better times ahead...

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