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Monday, January 10, 2005

Cry, and the world cries with you

"A tragic situation exists precisely when virtue does not triumph but when it is still felt that man is nobler than the forces which destroy him."
George Orwell

how true it is.
i find it kinda sad that people unite only in times of crisis. the tsunami tragedy that shocked the world over the last 2 weeks have seen humanitarian efforts unlike any seen before. it's like the whole world stood at a standstill on December 26 as news of the tsunami and its aftermath spread out. suddenly everyone from Penang to Pennsylvania, Singapore to Switzerland felt the wrath of the tragedy as the images started playing on our screens. as the death toll increased, so does the amount of donations and aid to the victims.
Malaysians too, were not left out as donation after donation started pouring in to the various charities that were set up in the immediate wake of the disaster. yesterday's Mingguan Malaysia exclusive with Dr. Jemilah Mahmood revealed the emotions and turbulations that Mercy Malaysia had to deal with, being among the first foreign aid service to arrive in Acheh. such a strong character, she is. bless her and everyone at Mercy Malaysia. but it's not just them who arrived early in Acheh, the people from the Malaysian Red Crescent Society and our SMART team was also among the first outsiders on the desolate earth that is now Acheh. it's times like these u feel proud to be a Malaysian. but the feeling doesn't stop at being a Malaysian alone. suddenly u feel proud of humanity.
the story of the homeless man in Britain who emptied his pockets to give out whatever he had to help out, the little kids who broke their piggy banks to chip in and countless other stories of people giving, providing help to a fellow human being. in these dark times, it is truly remarkable to see the human spirit propser.
but there are of course, the bad side of us. the ugly face of mankind. we know the stories, the people who dump their trash to give out to charity, the ones who kidnaps children to be smuggled out and others who take advantage of such a tragic incident. that we are men, who can be so kind and yet cruel at the same time.
but let not these be distractions to the real heroes in the front line. the givers, the aid workers, leaders and their Governments, and yes...even the media. for if not for those powerful images on TV, people would not have been moved to act swiftly. even i become close to tears upon watching the footages they play on CNN. never have i felt so touched and inspired by the courage and generosity of people in this tragedy. we can only hope for mankind to be like this during happier times. somehow i feel it is just hope.
i could keep on blabbering about this, but Kalimullah Hassan has it well written here. this is my tribute to all those who contributed one way or another to the tsunami tragedy. in however way, whether directly or indirectly, u have my upmost respect because in these times of grief...u don't differentiate color, race, name or status in giving to a fellow man. because in the end, we are all the same, just inhabitants on God's earth.

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