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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

25 Signs You've Reached 25

what is about being 25? everything. u can hardly ignore it when there's telltale signs like these:

1. mother, father, aunts and just about everybody starts talking about marriage (yours that is)
2. u wonder what happened to Chickadees, Vanilla Ice and Wan Zaleha Radzi
3. half the bands u once listened to are broken up, bankrupt or just plain dead
4. 'Mmmbop' is playing on Classic MTV
5. the store clerk calls u 'Abang'
6. u first watched porn on video tape
7. Laser Discs used to be part of your life
8. Michael Jackson was once your idol
9. money starts to become a problem
10. your dream job as a kid doesn't seem to be so dreamy after all
11. u feel old to get into the mosh pit
12. buckles on your bell-bottomed 'seluar petak' used to be cool
13. old women get offended when u call them 'Makcik'
14. your childhood friend introduces you to his son/daughter
15. people wish you 'Selamat Tuakan Diri', 'Happy Silver Anniversary' instead of the usual Happy Birthday
16. your student ID card is null and void
17. your IC still has a black and white photo
18. u hardly know anyone back in college
19. no one asks you anything when u step inside a pub, snooker centre or even the 'kedai kuda'
20. the term 'Teenager' and 'Youth' no longer apply to you
21. people address u with an 'Encik' in front of your name
22. supermodels are younger than you
23. u're affected by price hikes
24. some of your friends watch Bloomberg and CNBC seriously
25. u wished u were 10 again

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