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Sunday, December 05, 2004

A Year Ago

yesterday was the 1st anniversary of my uhmmm...i wouldn't call it a first coz technically it isn't, well...let's call it my own personal up-and-running weblog. yess...Mind Blowing is a year old. and being the typical selfish me, i totally forgot and just realized this fact as i opened up the computer this morning. plus yesterday was quite a busy day with weddings and open houses to attend, so it really slipped my mind.
anyhow, after one year and 125 posts later (not to mention 1 draft copy that i never got down to publish), i really hope that i'll never get bored with this. maybe as time goes by, the frequency of the posts will wear down but i really hope the site will stay on so that when the urge strikes, i'll be blogging again. but for now, it's just the 1st anniversary and i'm just happy that it survived one whole year without me giving up halfway, as so most of my so-called 'projects' in life.
it's a great time to be blogging too. the word 'blog' just topped this year's Webster's dictionary list of words of the year. so if u're not on the blogging bandwagon yet, why not set up one now? there's tons of sites that offer this service. i think it's a good thing too, especially in this country of ours. with not much channels for your voices to be heard, weblogs offer this unique oppurtunity. i think everyone has something to say, whether it's on the crisis in the Middle East, or just about how you love your shining new car. who cares what u write about. and in contrast to life, there are no rights and wrongs in blogging. just you and the keyboard.
i'm beginning to sound like a spokesperson for Blogger or something, so before i end this... happy 1st anniversary to Mind Blowing. and a big THANK YOU to all who's visited here and spared the time to read my crap. honestly, without the readers, this blog is just a bunch of letters floating around in cyberspace. like the sound of a tree falling in the jungle without anyone around to hear it. really appreciate all the comments and critics given. here's to a lot more years and posts ahead....

Happy birthday to you,
Mind Blowing dah satu,
Semoga sampai seribu,
Happy birthday to you.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o