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Monday, December 13, 2004

Writer's blog

when nothing important comes to mind and there's no issue to blog about, it's always best to go back to basics. weblogging basics, which is write what u did today or yesterday or whatever day. sorta like a 'Dear Diary' thingy. matter of fact, that's what i'll do now...

Dear Matasepet,

last weekend was a blast. come to think of it, each weekend after Raya was cool. there was always something to do, places to go to and people to meet. but last weekend was exceptional. it was like a web of stories all stringed together. it's pretty jumbled up, but heck...that's pretty much how my life is right now. we welcomed a new member of the Haji Tahir family last week, little Imani Sofea (i hope i got that right). my, my, Dil dah ada anak dah. and to think that we used to play and share dirty jokes together when we were growing up. Dil even caught the whole delivery on video too. kesian Kak Izah, the whole family watching her strain and suffer, but without the vital organs involved, i might add. it's the first time i ever watched someone i know being born on tape. mannn...memang aku takleh jadi doktor. the sight of a newly-born drenched in blood isn't something i'm ever gonna get used to. but despite the queesy moments and gut-wrenching scenes, it's really beautiful watching the miracle of birth. damn i'm lucky being born a guy....hehhe..
Lut and Among finally tied the knot yesterday. and so another friend selamat kawin dah. this month has been filled with weddings. that's why weekends haven't been a bore lately. and if it's one thing i discovered lately, it's that i enjoy shopping for wedding presents. don't laugh lah. u're my blog, so just listen. and buying Lut's wedding gift was an adventure itself. it was one thing after another. bukan nak mengungkit, tapi memang aku struggle gile. firstly, the credit card line was down for the entire One Utama (or possibly the whole country) that day. nasib baik Jusco ada manual. why can't everyone be like JJ? (this is my second time praising them after the toilet tale.) so okay...got the gift, got the fancy wrapping paper and cute card, now's the easy part, right? just send it to the Gift Wrapping counter. WRONG. the girl at the counter wrapped the present like shit. and i really mean shit. it looked so horrible that i blew my top off, and asked her to redo it. butoh apa wrap macam tu? aku yang tangan keras ni pun bole wrap lagi lawa. dah la rugi wrapping paper aku beli coz she spoiled it, and in the end...another staff finished the job using the cheap stupid wrapping paper supplied by Jaya Jusco. bole tahan temper aku...hehehe...
and last night, went to watch Malaysia play against Myanmar at Bukit Jalil with Jibam, Hafez and Jasim. and what did i get from watching that match? well, Malaysia won't ever progress in football FOREVER if that's the best we can offer last night. malas aku nak cite panjang2. we suck and we suck big time. somebody up there in FAM should seriously consider stepping down kalo muka tau malu. what the hell man...there's no improvement at all. and to add insult, the few thousand Myanmar supporters were even louder than the whole Malaysian crowd. u could have been forgiven if u thought we were playing in Yangon or something.
and oh yeah...Kuman had his annual food festival a.k.a Hari Raya open house. my house was the closest, yet i was the last to arrive. ini semua wrapping paper punya hal lah ni. (read: above). anyways, his open house never dissapoints. ask anyone that came that day. aku je yang tak buat makan2 tahun ni. maybe next time...if something doesn't screw up the day macam ari tu.
so that was pretty much the weekend all jumbled up in a few hundred words. i'd also like to add that i met a lot of people yang aku dah lama tak jumpa during the last few days. Lut's wedding was like a miniature reunion for Bantingers and 5th Collegians alike. and to add to that...time tengok bola kat Jamal last nite, the whole Collegian clan was there. gosh...i miss my uni-days. the days of 'lepak kat Lobi' and playing footie sampai azan are long over. that's why i love seeing old friends. for a second, u step out of reality into days gone by and when u realize it...u have work staring at you in the face. sigh....

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o