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Monday, December 27, 2004

What's in a name?

on this dull monday afternoon, with my mind all tied up and bored...i wish to share with u guys an exclusive...well...an exclusive from my point of view, that is. it's something u could all live happily ever after without knowing. but since this is my blog, heck...just layan me for a second, will ya?
a couple of weeks back, i trumpted Mind Blowing's 1st year anniversary. it was a lavish party, with some friends of mine lending their support, held at the Waldorf Astoria. thank you Mr. Trump, Bob DeNiro, Jay, Julia and oh yeah...Brad too. his wife Jenny couldn't make it, but it was still great. great, of course...if all this was true. sorry...couldn't help myself there. sucker for celebrities, i am.
okay okay...actually i just wanted to reveal how i got the name 'Mind Blowing' in the first place. mind you...i'm particular about these kinda things. i don't just name something just for the sake of naming. since this was my first 'official' blog...i had to give it a good name. something short and sweet, just nice, not too long and simple enough. kinda like me, except i'm not that short, but long? hmmmm.....
anyways, i liked the name Mind Blowing coz it signified something soft and mellow and yet it could mean something outlandish and totally out-of-this-world at the same time. i like to think Mind Blowing as in blowing the mind. tiup otak if wanna visualize it. can u just imagine that? it's so tender and gentle.
on another hand, most people will probably think of Mind Blowing as something outrageous, so korky, so screwed-up that it's just well....mind blowing lah. i never thought of this blog being like that, and that's something i'd liked to be clear about here. even though the entries are sometimes insane and totally f***ed up (like this one u're reading now), i don't see it as mind blowing or whatever. it's just what i wanna write at this moment and second in time. i'm meniup otak if u can see it that way.
some of u may be lost here somewhere...but who the hell cares, rite? i assure u that this won't come up in the PTD exam or even your next job interview. another thing i'd like to point out is that i intentionally wanted the word 'blowing' to be included in the name for higher web traffic reasons. alaaaa...we all know sex sells, rite? u can see it for urself. and it works, too. there's too many times that i've checked from my web counter statistics that people searching for the phrase 'mind blowing sex', 'Siti Nurhaliza blowing' (tak tipu!), 'lesbian blowing' (??!) and countless other 'blowing' activities ended up at my blog instead. hehhehehe...kesian diorang. maybe i'll make it up to them by showing a picture of me blowing......errrrr....something.
so there u have it. a small insider info about Mind Blowing. now u can go boast to all your buddies about this, while i continue grasping at whatever life i have left....

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o