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Monday, December 27, 2004

Tsunamis Hits Home

such a sad day yesterday in the South Asian region. killer tsunamis caused by an 8.9 Richter scale earthquake of the coast of Sumatra destroyed property and took people's lives in its path. it really was suprising for me. i first heard the news on Buletin 1.30 yesterday when they reported a 6-point-something earthquake in Sumatra causing some residents in the Damansara area to evacuate their bulidings. it didn't really caught my attention due to well..maybe the 6 point something quake wasn't really big news. and anyways...being the self-centered me...it happened in Indonesia...and earthquakes sometimes happen there. so does volcanic eruptions and sometimes bomb explosions. it's sad really when these kinds of news doesn't grab your attention as it's supposed to be. in this crazy-f***ed up world...what else is new??
since the news was fresh then...i guess TV3 were still updating on the casualties, and so it wasn't highlighted during the 1.30 broadcast. i didn't think of it much...the image of Sharifah Aini was still fresh in my mind from watching Melodi then. but then...after watching Jay Leno that afternoon...i switched over to CNN...and there it was...Breaking News.
correspondents were piling in their reports from Sri Lanka, India, Phuket and Indonesia on the latest development. it seemes like each time they reported in...there was an increase in the death toll. then images started to come...it was like a hurricane went through Phuket or something. cars were all over the place and people were scurrying for their lives.
honestly...i never thought tsunamis could be this horrible. last i heard on this morning's news bulletin...the death toll has already reached 13,000 and counting. and for the first time in a long time...Malaysians too felt the awesome power of Mother Nature. natural disasters are a rarity in our country and to actually be involved in such a tragedy really hits it you in the face. suddenly, the images and reports u hear on TV are places familiar to you, and to know that fellow Malaysians are suffering from this tragedy really strikes you more.
i would say this tragedy being like a silent killer. there's no indication that huge, crashing waves are coming. u could just imagine it...sunny day at the beach, Christmas weekend, relaxing by the sea...and out of nowhere...comes these 3-storey high waves. there's no storm, no strong winds blowing and certainly no lightning to indicate eminent danger.
and as the search and rescue operations go on...my thoughts go out to everyone involved directly or indirectly to this tragedy. may Allah protect all that is in need and to let this be a small reminder to all of us not affected...no matter what we believe in...that something so catastrophic can happen within a blink of an eye.

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