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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The Toothless Tiger

and so another Malaysian football adventure begins. and as usual, i will be hoping like so many million others....just maybe, maybe THIS is it. the Tiger Cup football tournament kicks off in Malaysia today. it already started yesterday in Vietnam, but the real test for the Malaysian team starts today.
i don't know why i bother...but i really love going to football matches involving the national team, even though i know they play like crap and i'll spend most of my time at the stadium shouting obscene language. i mean...they're all i got, rite? i'd rather be spending my time and money on my own national team rather than some country thousands of miles away who don't give a damn about me. i guess there is that bit of patriotism in me, one which is non-existent the moment the team plays like schoolboys.
sometimes i wonder whether i'm the one jinxing the team. it's because in the 10+ years i've been actively following the national team, malaysia has yet to win a single trophy. it's always a close shave, we're that close but we lack that extra edge to win. and in the end, it's back to the drawing board. another coach comes and goes. and while they move on with their lives, we're the ones still stuck in the rut. so that leaves us malaysian fans waiting....waiting for that magic moment, biarlah main negative football pun, what the hell....just win something!
i'm an emotional person. i like dissing the national team. i give them every dirty word in my vocabulary at the stadium. but i love them. and it really pisses me when people who've never even watched Malaysia play, easily underestimates the team even before the team steps on the field.
"Malaysia main cam taik."
"Boring gile tengok Malaysia main."
"What?? You're going to see Malaysia play? Hahahha...get real."
these are the types of comments they give out. and my message to them:
fuck you and that fucked-up greedy club that u support.
it's quite an irony that the Malaysian team, once dubbed 'Skuad Harimau Malaya' during the golden age of Malaysian football has yet to win the 'Tiger' Cup. come to think of it, why don't they call us Tigers anymore? maybe coz it'll be the butt of jokes everywhere looking from our latest FIFA rankings.
so tonite the show begins. i really hope they play well against an unpredictable Timor Leste team. some of their players play in the lower leagues in Europe, so i don't think they're the whipping boys here. i'm really looking forward to the match. haven't seen the team play for a while...and it'll be a first for me seeing Bertalan Bicskei (betul ke eja tu) work the team, after the departure of Allan Harris (now that's easier to spell). let's hope for some magic, or i might seriously consider having a layoff.

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