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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Sharifah Angin

when i was little, during bathing time i would like to mimic Sharifah Aini in one of her soap commercials (she was THAT hot once a upon a time ago). i would go, "Sharifah ANGIN...segar, nyaman." turned out that little kid 20 years ago was correct after all...she is full of air...or maybe full of bulls***.
so today's revelation that Sharifah Aini will be charged in court for spreading those vicious emails about Malaysia's No. 1 darling was in a way...a suprise, yet it was expected. people could point out that this case is nothing, but since the name Siti Nurhaliza is involved...well, u're playing with fire my friend. whether the case is substantial or not is a topic for another day, but heck...it's fun to read, isn't it? the next 'in' thing vs. the old guard. now THIS is the real celebrity deathmatch.
of course, she's innocent till proven guilty. yeah, yeah, wateva. she's guilty in my eyes. don't get me wrong, i'm no Siti fan, but u gotta admit what she did was bad. not to mention ugly, the way she did it. i mean...u would think only some nutcase would do such a thing. spreading those dumb emails was one thing (which i didn't even bother to read...skang baru la nak cari balik), but the fake attack on her? what was she thinking? ingat polis tu budak-budak macam aku dulu ke yang sebut Sharifah Aini pun tak betul.
honestly, i pitied her when people doubted that she was attacked. i was like....kesiannya..u get beat up by some a**holes, then people said u lied about it. who wouldn't be pissed?? but when the police reported that there was no evidence that she was attacked...i was really stunned. did she honestly believe she could get away with this? i was then instantly transformed into a sharifah aini basher. Siti pun siti lahhh...
then i started to learn about the 'dark sides' of sharifah aini. there were numerous stories, of which i will not mention here for fear that i would go on trial pulak nanti. hehhe...
i know that u shouldn't believe everything that u hear, but from reading today's The Star report, her mother once testified that Sharifah Aini wanted to stab her with a knife. what the f***?? stabbing your own mother? isn't that something from Psycho? oh yeah...she is psycho.
and when i recalled an interview she gave on Melodi (yeah...i watch the show, so sue me) during the height of the email scandal, she said something which goes like this, "Sia-sialah saya hantar anak saya belajar di Mesir, sia-sialah saya hantar meraka belajar Al-Quran kalau saya buat perkara macam ni." what the hell was the point of that statement? who gives a fuck anak ko belajar kat mana. if u're really sincere, u wouldn't say a word about those things. u send them to study Islam because u want to and to make them better people. not so that u can say on national TV that because u send them there, u're exempted from all the laws in the universe.
and the guy who was responsible for spreading those emails...well, the rumours turned out to be true. he was Sharifah Aini's 'adik angkat'. but the interesting fact that i didn't know was that he was also the president of her fan club. hmmmm...a wee bit fishy don't u think? i didn't even know such an organization existed.
so as the trial gets way, whether she's guilty or not will be decided by the courts. one thing is for sure, though. it'll be one hell of a media circus. and we're all invited to come along for the ride. stay tuned.

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