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Monday, December 20, 2004

My IMAX Experience

whoooooooo....with a big O coming out of my mouth. that's how i first reacted on seeing the HUGE 5-storey IMAX screen for the first time. the rumours of an IMAX theatre in Malaysia has been around for a couple of years. i've heard and read about their legendary larger-than-life screens and bombastic sound system for quite some time and it was well worth the wait.
went to see the new Robert Zemeckis movie/animation, The Polar Express last weekend. and to experience the movie in IMAX and oh yeah...not to mention the 3D effects...what can i say..i was in awe. firstly, the movie doesn't dissapoints. it's a Christmas children's tale, what would you expect? well written and as an adult with a kid's imagination, i was of course...impressed. the movie was in 3D, so u had to wear these big (what's not huge in IMAX??) out-of-this-world 3D glasses. i guess they made it big so that it could fit just about anybody and also to avoid people from taking a piece of 'memento' from their IMAX experience. the glasses kinda suck for people who wears spectacles like me. so u had like 2 pairs of glasses perched on your nose. really irritating, i would say. another thing i noticed is that since the movie was in widescreen format, they didn't utilise the huge screen thoroughly. during the Preview snips before the movie starts, it was really huge since they used almost the whole screen. so u had these awesome views of the Earth and Michael Jordan's sweaty ketiak. but since the screen is wayyyyy bigger than your average GSC cinema, it was still big and impressive. (brapa kali aku ulang the word huge and big in this entry?)
these things aside, it was an awesome experience. movies should be experienced like this. everything was crystal clear and u could see the minor details, which was really cool for animation. u could literally see the kid's eye pupil and every strain of hair he had. such was the clarity. and how could i not mention the 3D? it was as if it was snowing in the theatre or something. the scenes just jumps out to grab you. it was funny too...seeing and hearing the reaction from the crowd, especially from children.
and at the end, i enjoyed the movie plus the experience. mannn..really hope to see The Matrix in IMAX soon. the thought of seeing Neo kick ass and dodging bullets on IMAX just keeps my blood running. next time, i'm hoping to see a non-3D flick. it's more easier on the eyes..my eyes that is.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o