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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Malaysia's Merry Misadventures

congratulations to the national team for a fine 2-1 victory over bitter rivals Thailand last nite. if there's something Malaysia is good at, it's how they never fail to suprise me, for better or for worse (usually the latter). i wasn't at the stadium cheering coz i was so dissapointed with the lost to Myanmar on Sunday. maybe i should restrain myself from Bukit Jalil for Malaysia's sake. and khalid jamlus, your 2 goals that brought Malaysia victory was well taken and i thank you for that but i still offer no apologies for my past insults and foul language on yourself. maybe if we go on and win this tournament, then i'll reconsider.....hehe.
but i really hope that this victory will be the start of a revival by the national team to regain our past glory. but how many times have we seen a Malaysian team (and this includes all sports) go from a moment of triumph only to fall at the last hurdle. i'm not trying to spoil the mood here or anything. it's just that 10+ years of dissapointment has taught me not to get easily carried away by something such as this. i'm hoping for the best and let this victory over Thailand be a moral-booster for us to believe that anything is possible. there's still a long way to go, but rest assured i'll be there all the way.

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