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Friday, December 31, 2004

2004 and counting...

sigh. last day of the year. today marks the end of the year 2004. and to greet it with the tragedies and stories that we've been thru for the whole week makes it the more sombre. my, my...24 years have come and gone before me. i don't know what to expect in 2004. last year, i stated that my 2004 resolution was, and i quote, 'i want to discover what makes me happy and work towards that.' 365 days later...i pretty much have an idea what i want to do. it's just that opportunites limits me. but then we have to make opportunities ourselves, rite?
so i would say 2004's resolution was pretty much settled. ye ke? atau itu saje nak kasi aku sedap hati. in any case, i've came up with my list for 2005, my silver jubilee year. here goes...
i would like to improve on 3 things in my life: spiritually, financially and career-wise. spiritual-wise, i think my relationship with Allah has gone from bad to worse to 'oh-my-God!!'. i can't even remember the last time i actually prayed 5 times a day without a miss. mesti ada tinggalnya. and reading the Al-Quran...lagi la dah lama. my cousin asked me a couple of weeks ago, 'Engkau mengaji lagi tak?' to which i replied sheepishly, 'Hmmm..tak la.' and he went on about how simple it is to take some time to read the Al-Quran in a day. and it was true...bukannya lama. even a page a day is enough, for starters. bila dah biasa...u can improve on that. i feel ashamed actually. it's sad that as u grow older and wiser, u tend to forget the basic things that u did when u were smaller. i mean...those days...it didn't seem HARD. it was easy, basic stuff to do daily. and it's what holds one of the 5 pillars of Islam, the Rukun Islam. and i can't even hold on to that. Allah have mercy on me.
on the second matter, financially....i want to invest my money into my future. currently, i have no investments whatsoever except the usual EPF and SOCSO and crap. my money is for entertainment purposes only and other stuff i deem 'spendable'. although i admit..i do stash away a few quids for emergency...it's not actually smart savings, so i'll have to improvise on that. on the short term, been thinking of investing in insurance and those ASB loans. hope things work out for the better...
and finally....career-wise. maybe some of u are thinking...laaaaaa...tukar kerja lagi ke?? well..i see it as expanding my opportunities. i wanna work where i feel secure and being at a place i see myself in 10-20 years. it's not easy really, but i hope to nail it this year. it's not that i hate my current job, it's just that well...u gotta move on, u know. if the opportunity arises, why not?insya-Allah.
so i guess that's my so-called resolution, on the record. i dunno if i can hold on to it, but i really hope that i do. they're not exactly life-changing promises, but i guess on the 25th year of my life, i could use some reshaping and some life arrangements. i hope the coming year will be good to me as 2004 was. i wanna wish everyone a Happy New Year and may we be blessed always. i'm looking forward to the new year, many things will be coming up in the next few months. in the family...insya-Allah, i'm gonna have a brother-in-law soon and who-knows-how-many new cousins. who knows what suprises are in store for me next year. just hope that good or bad, i'm gonna get thru it unscathed and better than i was before. and as i end this, let us say a small prayer for all the thousands that were perished or affected by the tsunami disaster. as we end 2004, let us not forget those who have gone before us and how lucky we are to usher in the new year with our friends and family. to better days ahead. Amin...

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