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Saturday, August 21, 2004

Six Degrees of Separation

we're bound to say goodbye one day to everyone we meet. i just realized that fact as i made my way down the elevator from work. funny isn't it? sometimes i wonder what's the point of people meeting if one day they won't be there anymore and all that's left are memories, whether good or bad. in a way, goodbyes can be a good thing if it's somebody u really hate or something that reminds u of a tragic memory that never seems to go away. but those kinds of goodbyes are rare and somewhat unwanted becoz unless u live your life to make enemies...there are only a handful of people that we'd love to say goodbye to. life is full of goodbyes. this month alone i bid farewell to my university and a colleague who i just got to know. her final day yesterday was what got me thinking. yeahhh..so i just knew her for about 3 months, but seeing the tears in her eyes as she bid farewell to everyone was very touching...even for the stone man...hehhehehe.
she's been with the company for 2 years and she was friendly with everyone. i also grew fond of her as a senior colleague, becoz she always did her work and was very helpful in helping me settle down in the company. i actually hate soppy moments coz i think it shows the weakness in us...but to hell with weakness. we're humans and we have feelings, right? a second of pure, innocent emotion doesn't make us less stronger or less better, i suppose. i'm glad i got that figured out.
people move on all the time, whether it's temporary or forever. i guess we all take for granted the time we spent with someone, until the day they're not there anymore. of course, that's all part of life....we meet and someday...we'll bid farewell. one thing i've noticed is that it will never be the same once u're apart. a close friend of 5 years growing up together feels like an awkward guest once u meet them again after a few years. kenapa agaknya, huh? bukan absence makes the heart grow fonder ke? i dunno...but i noticed that it actually doesn't. one day, i too will move on. this blog pun won't be here forever. there will come a time when i feel i'm done or i'm bored or i just plain malas nak blog lagi. i hope not, though, for i really love doing this...even though i don't blog as often as i would like.
and there's the goodbye for eternity pulak...where we reunite with the Almighty. funny how people hate to talk about it, myself included. maybe the lack of preparation is what scares me. i really hope i'm up for that. to be prepared. insyaAllah.

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