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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Kings of the Stone Age

last sunday, i was fortunate to be in the company of punk rockers, metal maniacs and plain old posers all dress up for the show. it was the 'I thrash therefore I am' gig, reuniting most of Malaysia's founding fathers of the underground scene. i wouldn't call myself an underground follower, but a true mat rock at heart, so i knew i had to be there when i read about the gig, from all the places...The Star. that's just classic, man...what happened to the days when u knew about the next gig from flyers (usually black and white coz it's photocopied) given out by your friendly neighbourhood slackers. it's really a trip back in time....remembering the good ol' days of carburetor dung, pilgrims, subculture and yes...even butterfingers were playing small time gigs at that time. it was 10 years exactly since i was first exposed to the malaysian underground scene...hearing carburetor dung for the first time from my senior in school. i guess u could say it was the heyday of underground music, with joe kidd even having his own column in the old Sun newspaper...when it actually cost something back then. Blasting Concept was the name, and it was the medium for which many bands were exposed to the public, but sadly..most of them have abandoned due to the realistic constraints that is the Malaysian music industry. it was the days of DIY magazines...the 'zine'...and yours truly even thought of establishing my own zine before the lack of original material killed that idea.
back to sunday's gig...it was more of a reunion of the forefathers. even the starting time was typical of the gigs back then...starting at around 4 sumthing, when it was scheduled for 2pm. being the malaysians we are...we actually arrived 'on time' at 4 pm....hehhehe. i was there for 2 reasons...the first reason was the evergreen Pilgrims. the ever bubbly Bob even had trouble catching up with his breath on his performance. but not before belting out old Pilgrims hits such as Sua Sue Good Morning and Air Pasang Pagi. good ol' tunes never dies, huh? he also struck a reminder to the somewhat older crowd and bands that were playing when he said, "Tu yang kat belakang tu apsal...dah tua kot". i just snickered as he teased us who wasn't in the mosh pit. yeahh...we're a bit older...bodysurfing just seem like sakit badan je. i'm fine just sitting down at the side.
actually..my main attraction to the gig was Carburetor Dung, coz i've never seen them play live. suprise...suprise....the lead vocal for Sunday's show turned out to be my friend's brother, who was also suprised to see him perform as well. he was a friend of joe kidd, it seems, so he got to be the honorary frontman for one of the day's most anticipated band. i was quite dissapointed that they played some 'experimental' songs first, with provoking titles such as something jilat and my favourite...Hantu raya Putrajaya. then...the show really started....old hits from their 'Songs for friends' LP were played out. it really got the crowd going...who was looking quite confused with the weird songs they played before that. and thennnnnn....probably the most anticipated song of the evening was kept best for last...the anthem of the local malaysian rock scene...'Boo Hoo Clapping Song'. hearing it live for the first time was really something, and watching the crowd singing along with the simple lyrics was THE moment. honest rock doesn't come any simpler than a crowd and its entertainer belting it out...just being in the moment...man..u can't describe it.
we left the show after Carburetor Dung, even though there was still a few bands left. it was already past 7, and i wasn't in the mood to party on a sunday night. i really enjoyed the show and i'd like to say to the organisers that it was really a good idea to get all these old timers to come back and play after all this while. some of them haven't played together for more than 5 years and i wouldn't be suprised if this was their last show ever. it was an honor to be there, just for a moment to be back in '94 when we were singing....

Now we don't care now we don't feel
So many friends now where they be?
Now you tell me.....

"Boo Hoo Clapping Song"
Carburetor Dung

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