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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

i not stupid lah

i came upon this articleas i logged in to my Blogger. i wanted to write about sumthing else, but this article came along and amused me. i say 'amused' becuase i in no way feel bitter or 'terasa' with what she had to say. so she's like a grammar teacher fuming over her students' bad writing. suits her la. and if she wants to comment on my bahasa rojak, fine..so sue me. actually, that's the beauty of blogging, or rather the essence of it. u don't need nobody to tell u anything. u write about what u wanna write, anyway u wanna write it and how u wanna write it. i quote her....'You're just too lazy to hit the shift key. If you can't be bothered with the extra keystroke, I can't be bothered to read your site.' well...newsflash...i don't give a cat's ass if u want to read my site. nak baca, baca...tak suka..thanks for stopping by. though the odds of her stopping by here is almost zero...it's just my way of saying "what do u care about how people write? so u have this social obligation of making everyone the perfect writer? apa? u ni some God-sent messiah brought down upon the world to save mankind from grammar mistakes and wrong punctuation marks? okay..so i admit bad english is kinda like a turn-off, but malaysian english is no way like that. it's the lingo we speak, and it adds color to our language. nobody speaks perfectly...so why should we write properly? read any good novels lately? my...how perfect Stephen King writes...even the exclamation marks after the F-word are in place. lovely....
so for those out there who cringes at my non-existent capital letters, cringe even more coz i really really hate pressing the Shift key. maybe this blog has sumthing to do wit what i planned to write about anyway. last sunday, i caught this really creepy show on tv called Extreme Makeover. i dunno, maybe show ni dah lama dah kat tv but i happen to stay up late last Sunday night to watch it. biasala...esoknya Monday, so usually i already hit the sack, tapi malangnya hari tu tertengok pulak. i thought it was like Queer Eye for the straight guy kinda concept which i really liked, but to my horror...it really was EXTREME. they not only do fashion makeovers, but even plastic surgery to complete their pathetic dreams. mann..what are we coming up to? american TV is getting fucked up by the day. it really was sad seeing this 30-sumthing mom being ashamed to fetch her kids from school because of her looks. and this other guy wants to be a rock star so he did some nose job and walla!! rob thomas in da house. rob thomas would have felt sick to the stomach, trust me.
point is..from all my yapping on the grammar and looks issue, it shows how we crave for people's opinion. why can't we do sumthing without ever thinking about what si polan dan si polan thinks? fact is..i'm also guilty of this. aren't we all? we live to impress people but there's always a stop sumwhere...and no...i'm not putting a punctuation mark here pueh hati?

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