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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Citius, Altius, Fortius

so the Olympics have begun. wit that, my current life (if i ever had one) is on hold. i will stay true wit Hasbullah Awang (hope he's covering it) for these coming 16 days. yesterday was the opening ceremony of the Olympics. i completely mistimed the occasion coz i thought it was on tonite. so it was sorta like stale when i watched this morning's delayed telecast. wit 6 dedicated channel on Astro for the Olympics, u have no reason to miss out on the action. being a self-confessed sports freak, the Olympics is one of the events i look forward to in the sporting calendar. alas, our country still waits for the moment when Negaraku will be playing at the Games. i along wit other fellow malaysians, will be hoping that moment will come this year. 47 years of independence and we're still waiting....
actually the Olympics is much more than national pride at stake. it's like this celebration of human achievement. celebrate humanity....the tagline says, and even though the Games nowadays act like a big corporate advertising festival...the small bits of humanity is still there. and in this big bad dog eat dog world, we are after all human...and there are times when we are at our weakest and times when we conquer all. we cherish these moments and we celebrate the heroes. i like to think of athletes like super heroes in the real world. they can do things i can only imagine doing. soaring in the sky like Michael Jordan, running faster than the wind like Michael Johnson, swimming like a fish like Mark Spitz and achieving perfection like Nadia Comaneci. we awe at their feats and hope for another hero to come and woo us again. i don't like to think of them as Americans or Romanian or Jewish or whatever. they're human just like us but their efforts are superhuman.
of course there are stories that show the dark side of us. we were in shocked when ben johnson tested positive for steroids. we hope for the events of Munich '72 and the bomb in Atlanta to never haunt us again. every olympics will have its own story. stories that will be told with the help of media giants, which will make you remember when u were just watching it on TV a couple of years ago, which turned out to be more than 10 years. my main attention will of course be on the Malaysian contingent, with Keng Liat hoping to be the 1st Malaysian to be in a swimming final and the badminton boys who are our only realistic chance of winning a gold, unless of course they decide to include congkak as an olympic event....hehhehe.
so who's gonna make the story of Athens 2004? will michael phelps prevail in his quest to emulate Spitz's 7 gold haul? will some unknown from a susah-nak-sebut country shock the giants by winning the first medal for his country? will a few seconds of humanity make us forget that the Olympics is not all about winning and will we unearth a new superhuman effort to make us stand in awe once again? it's a return to the homeland for the Olympics. so the sofa is ready, the potato chips is in place and the remote is in my hands. let the games begin!

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