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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Blame it on the train

this morning, for the 1st time ever...i used the LRT as an excuse for being late. in a way, that shows how efficient the system is, right? in about 3 months, it failed me only once. boleh la tu, for malaysia...hehehe...
anyways, remember how i use to say that if i had my computer and internet, i could blog everytime i get on the LRT? today, because i spent almost an hour stuck inside one, i certainly can blog about it. i knew sumthing was amiss when i saw one of the trains stopping in the middle of the track (not at a station) as i walked down from my house. when i arrived at the station, mak aiiiii...ramainya orang. something IS wrong. punyalah ramai...i missed one train coz it was already packed to the brim. bayangkan la...my station is only the second station...dah penuh. pity la the other people waiting kat sentral ke...which is like 6,5 stations more.
as i got on the next train that arrived, everyone was rushing to get in. yesss...the ugly side of malaysians. we could have been mistaken for a bunch of hooligans, except that we were wearing shirts, ties and neat coats. crazy, i tell ya. and the look u get from people as u're shoved in the back....priceless.
eventually, i found my way to the centre, the part between the coaches where the floor shifts around. that's a tip if u wanna ride the LRT during rush hour. always avoid being in the door area, that's where all the action is. u don't wanna be bruised and bleeding by the time u get to the office...hhehehe.
there was an announcement as we made our way to the next station. alaaa..u know..."kami sedang buat whatever bullshit this and that, so we're really sorry for any inconvenience. alaaa, u guys pun macam la eager sangat nak masuk office. u should thank us." okay...so they didn't say exactly like that, but that's how it sounded to me.
on the next station, the train wasn't moving for some time. it was like 15 minutes before some guy just couldn't stand it and hollered over on the intercom they have placed near the door.
"Sampai bila lagi awak akan settlekan masalah ni? Kami dah berada di sini hampir 15 minit."
"Kami sedang berusaha ni. Encik tolong sabar ye", came the reply.
"Berapa lama lagi?", the guy's still not satisfied.
"30-45 minit lagi"
End of transmission.
ok...so i'm gonna be stuck here for an eternity. i noticed that most people were reading motivational books with titles such as See You at the Top, How to Influence People, How to kiss ass and beat everyone who works hard...so maybe i made up the last one. but if they had that title, mesti aku belinye. and u could tell everyone was busy telling the office that they were gonna be late. u could here the phone calls...this one uncle...
"Ehh...can u fetch me ahhh? Got problem here."
and another foreigner was on the phone too...(Japanese, i pressume..from the accent)
"I yam in the train. Haven't reach yet. Not sure. Ta-man Pa-ra Mounttt" as she struggled reading the sign.
suddenly, an announcement came.
"Perjalanan kami akan diteruskan seperti biasa dalam masa 1 minit."
One minute? so much for the 30-45 minute info. main belasah je...
so we did move on. kekadang rasa tak syok jugak coz u know the people who runs the whole thing are mostly melayu jugak. so when the system fails, i always think that people will say something to do wit melayu and other familiar cliches' we're all familiar with. i'm not saying that semua orang thinks like that, but i guess my semangat melayu tu still ada...so i'm always sensitive to these kinda things. but i also like to think that the LRT seldoms fail me. this is the first time i was late becoz of it and the service they give me is good. janji aku selamat tiba on time cukuplah. what more can i ask for? except the people who rides on them...well...that's another story. u could write a whole book about your 'friendly' LRT experience. maybe all this pushing and shoving is our way of being intimate. or maybe not.

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