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Monday, August 30, 2004

and the flame stopped burning...

so the Olympics have ended. another 4 years we await for our first gold medal. this year's Olympics really wasn't like the previous ones, from my point of view. maybe my desire was subdued by the Malaysian contingent's poor showing. it SUCKS man...like really...
even though the we didn't win anything at the Sydney games, i seriously felt a small hangover after the Games ended. Sydney for me...was the best. maybe the short time difference between there and malaysia made it more 'watchable', and therefore i could really live the Games.
back to Malaysia's poor performance...we really failed. notice the sports headlines today...this is Asia's best showing at the Olympics, lead by the mighty Chinese followed by Japan. even our neighbours, Thailand won 3 golds at this year's event. bayangkan laaa...thailand tu. tak payah la America or Austalia ke, this is in our own f***in' backyard. if they can do it...tell me please why the hell can't we?? i love reading Lazarus Rokk's commentary in the NST (he's covering the Olympics) and one of the things he highlighted was the need for sports to be given the recognition it deserves in our society. i agree with him on that, but for me...it is not THE vital ingredient in making our sportsman/woman world beaters. just look at Thailand...those Thai boxers aren't exactly rich or well placed in their society's ecelons, but their desire to win just about beats anything money can buy. even war-torn Iraq almost came close to winning the bronze in football. hello? iraq? half the country is in ruins...just imagine what they can achieve with a more stable environment. we're always looking for excuses this and that, everyone plays a part actually...everyone's got an opinion on how to do this and that. but what about the implementation? we malaysians are so good in 'cakap tak serupa bikin'. especially our friendly neighborhood politicians. u know what i mean...tak payah cakap pun tau....
just look at the medal count for the Olympics...we've got...lemme see....Latvia, Syria, Venezuela, Mongolia and what? Eritrea? where the hell is that? sorry....my geography sucks...
so if these countries can do it....there's no reason we can't. heyy...we've got the highest building in the world, rite? the tallest flagpole? surely we have the best sports facilities, rite? since we're in the Merdeka mood, a gold medal would have been a superb gift for the country. fact is...we've got world-class buildings and structures, but our mentality is still 3rd world and the same goes for our athletes. the desire and determination is far from world-class. it's the 'asal boleh' syndrome....aahhhh..OK lah, takpe, nevermind lohh, u know lah. i can finish no. 34 out of 35 but my gaji still masuk what. allowance dapat gak....baik aku puas2 jalan2 kat Athens. bukan selalu datang sini.....
so for the sake of malaysian sports, something needs to be done and done efficiently. and for me it starts with the love of the flag...and if u're not that patriotic...maybe the burning desire to excel is enough. just ask those cuban boxers, who knows that they came to win. W-I-N. unlike those cocky american ball players. they have the nerve to call themselves the Dream Team. well, dream on, guys...coz the world just got better in the sport u invented. for me..the Dream team will always be the American Team of Barcelona '92. they just oozed with skills and showmanship. no other team came close to matching them and for me...never will be emulated.
and so...the world has caught up wit the Americans in terms of sports achievement...when will we? i'm still waiting for Negaraku to be played....and hopefully i live to see it.

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