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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Sir Lancelot

it might seem a bit odd...but i'm keeping an eye on the Tour de France currently running now going into its 15th Stage. why? because i'm feeling history will be made this year. lance armstrong, the darling of americans worldwide, will be gunning for his 6th Tour victory...something no one has done before. and to add to that...it could be his 6th in a row.
sure..he has his critics with people saying he's taking drugs and stuff. i dunno...but i think since he's never been caught taking banned substances...i guess u can't really argue. maybe he's just too good, that's all. people will say a lot of things but i guess if u're good, u're good.
this year i'm kinda rooting for lance, unlike previous years where being myself...i always root for the underdogs. i guess because i get this 'syok' feeling when seeing history being made. last year was nail biting, being the closest race in years...with jan ullrich pushing all the way. and maybe that's what made me think that this guy is really good.
i guess malaysian athletes can learn from lance. i see it this way....he's not the number one rider in the world, but he wins the tournament that matters...the Tour de France. i guess he focuses all his energy into this competition and yang lain tu pegi mampos. just warmups, i guess. actually, it's the tournaments that u win that matters. what would MJ be without his 6 NBA rings? tiger without all his majors? steffi without the grand slams? yeahh.. u maybe number one, but if u don't have it....u ain't got it. this week, former number one marcelo rios announced his retirement because of injury. he's the only player to be number one without winning a grand slam. nobody wants to be remembered like that. why didn't the press just say he's the former number one? why add the 'number one without winning a grand slam'. easy...people like other people's failures, even when they're winning.
it's like johann cryuff's dutch side. best team never to win the world cup. colin montgomerie, greatest never to win a major.
so my advice to malaysian sportsman and women...just win the one that matters. hafiz hashim won the All England...it might be the only title he won..but heck, who cares? he's been there.
so what are the tournaments that matters? for me there's only one for malaysia. it would be great to hear Negaraku being played at the Olympics. malaysia boleh!!

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