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Thursday, July 29, 2004

One week to go

yesssirrrrr....one week to go. i can hardly sit still. the leave application form has been filled, but still awaits to be approved. kalo tak approve pun pedulik hapa aku, confirm aku ponteng punya. the reason for this excitement? in one week's time, it's my graduation day. finally, it's coming. tu laaaa...sapa suruh habis 1st sem. kan terpaksa tunggu dekat setahun. but in a way, it's kinda good because i've got lots of time to secure a job before convocation day. sedar tak sedar, dah 8+ bulan aku keje. how time flies.....the days of sleeping till noon on a weekday seems eons ago.
sometimes, just to motivate myself to go to work...i like to remember how i felt SOOOO bored lepak kat rumah doing nothing with nothing to look forward to. i was really keen to get a job back then, so now that i've got one...i'm really thankful. i even switched jobs halfway, so it's been quite an experience.
preparing myself for convocation is quite tedious. i have this habit of getting myself prepared for anything that i really look forward to. i already made this short checklist of what i want to buy, necessities i need and other small-small stuff. i'm already planning out how the day would run. how to get there? how many cars? should i sleep in KL? u know...little things that bug me. i know it's kinda creepy and poyo, but the hell i care...i want the day to be as perfect as possible. i really hope so because it's a once in a lifetime experience, unless i plan to further my studies, which i don't see happening in the next few years.
i hope to see most of my varsity mates, and even though most of them have graduated...there's still a bunch of us left. just enough to bring the house down, i hope...hehehhe...
i count myself lucky to have...what should i call it...different circles of friends during my uni days. each of this circle has a distinct and unique characteristic of its own...which makes them all the more special. firstly, there's the Bantingers...my closest of all the circles...so called so because of our Asasi days in Kolej Mara Banting. just to tell you guys how close we are...this blog won't have enough space. in short, i always liked to think of it like Bryan Adams' 'Summer of 69'. nuff said.
next is my chemical brothers (and sisters)...my coursemates, who laboured it on with me for the last 4+ years at the dreaded 'Jabatan Kejuruteraan Kimia'. at the beginning, i wasn't really close to them (which proved to be a mistake), but as i got to know them more...they're really great. the peak was during Final Year Design project...ughhhh..just typing that out gives me the willies. it was make or break, and without them...i wouldn't have looked forward to next week.
finally..my college mates at 5th Residential College. some may scoff at the mere mention of this name...but heck...i'm a Collegian...so sue me....hehhehehhe. spending my entire university days staying there at Blok D, it gave me the chance to broaden my perspective on life and also getting to know people from other faculties. in short...it taught me to know that there are 'Other people' out there and that the world doesn't spin around me.
i already miss university life, but hey....life goes on. next week will be the last official event for me in UM. so i'll be officially a graduate...which reminds me of that classic movie with Dustin Hoffman in it. wonder if there's a Mrs. Robinson for me as well....hehhehehe....  

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