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Friday, July 02, 2004

False Arrest

i got the scare of my life last night. i succeeded in getting myself pulled over by a cop. the last time i did that was when i was still in Probation mode. yeahhh...u know, the early years of your driving life, when going to the kedai runcit was a great excuse to drive the car and having that big red P sticker smacked on the car window. they might as well have asked us to put up a big bumper sticker that read, 'I'm a new driver, so excuse me if I'm cautious'.
my housemates and i were moving some stuff we bought from our friend who's moving back to sarawak. it was quite a tedious task, the washer machine and fridge are certainly not small objects. we borrowed a van from my friend's brother and yours truly was the lucky driver having being the only one in the house who has the experience of driving one, which was eons ago and was a one-time affair. so off we were, cruising on the Federal Highway heading our way to kelana jaya, with me at the wheels and my housemate at the back, steadying the washer machine from toppling over and smashing the windows.
it was 10 something and i noticed that the traffic was slow. what the ****?? traffic jam at this hour? as we crawled our way to kelana jaya, i noticed that a group of police motorcycles was parked along the highway, on the motorcycle lane."hahhh..padan muka mat rempit", i said to my friend as we passed along a group of motorcyclists being pulled over. little did i know then that i was going to swallow those words, probably as justice to all the mat rempits out there.
i noticed that a police motorcycle was strangely close to the van as i cruised along. suddenly, as i was watching him...he signalled me to stop.
damn...my heart skipped a beat. "apehal ni?", i asked myself. aku dah la tak pakai seatbelt. that must be it. shit.
my friend called out,"wei...ko tak pakai belt ye..habis la kena saman."
talk about encouragment.
so i stepped out of the van and faced the copper. "aphal bang? ada masalah ke?", i pleaded my most-innocent-face. he asked to see my driving license. no prob. mine expires in a year's time. thank God for mama who always tells me to renew the license for 2 years. i showed him my license without an ounce of guilt. now what...i wondered.
"Ni nak pegi mana ni?", he asked.
"Kitorang nak pindah barang ni, baru pindah rumah", I answered.
"Pindah mana?",he quipped.
"Kelana jaya", was my answer.
he seemed to be suspicious about me, but after the explanation and looking at my license and my innocent face...he said..
"Awak tak boleh bawak barang banyak2 ni, tapi sebab awak nak pindah rumah, kita pun manusia jugak.."
so he let me off the hook. fuhhhhhh...u don't know how relieved i was. i was like close to pissing in my pants dah. i seriously thought it was the seatbelt, but this? hmmm, maybe a bit harsh to get a saman, huh? when i think about it, maybe we were a bit suspicious looking. the van was a bit old and had this covers inside that looked like u were hiding something. add to that..a washer machine being held by my friend, who no offense to him...looked like he just came out of Pudu or something. with a cuak-looking driver at the helm who looked like he was driving the Potmobile from the 70's, then u've got a really good reason to suspect something amiss. luckily, nothing bad happened. just a small fright on a malam jumaat. even creepier than your average ghosts...hehe

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