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Monday, June 07, 2004

Worldwind weekend

hmmm...a lot of things happened over the weekend. in the world, i mean...not my life. i just sat there in front of the telly and watched it happened. ahhhh..the beauty of satelite TV, flip on the remote and u're moving from the african savannah to the bustling streets of New York. no wonder everyone's overweight...
anyhow...for the first time ever in my life, i paid attention to the Sukma games. well, not much really...just the football final. u could forgive me coz Negeri Sembilan won our first ever gold in football. that's the beauty of football, like Zainal Abidin Rawop said...it's only one gold medal...but it's worth far exceeds its weight. u could win all the medals in the Games, but the one that really mattered is the football gold. (well, according to us football maniacs that is). it's really great to support ur local team for a change, not some team from some far away place in the English countryside where they don't even know ur country exists. even though the standard of football isn't really high, it was enough to make me jump and scream like a madman in my living room. lama dah tak tengok Paroi packed to the brim...i guess everyone from Mantin to Rembau was there. that's the power of football...it's unites us in ways u never thought possible. aku penah kena angkat dengan sorang mamat indian ni masa FA cup final 2001 coz he was so happy Liverpool won and i was there to lend my support. (not that i'm a scouser, anyway...but ok la Liverpool menang dari Arsenal...)
and Sunday was the 50th Anniversary of D-Day. i've known D-Day since i was in school, but the impact and importance of the event never occured to me. since they're showing the documentaries and specials to commemorate the event...i learned a lot of stuff i never knew about D-Day. really was an eye-opener, and was something i really enjoyed knowing.
lastly...on sunday, ronald reagan died. even though i'm not really keen on American presidents..i guess he was the first American president i came to know about. aku kalo sebut Reagan ni teringat on his assasination attempt, the Iran-Contra affair and his rivalry with Gaddafi. itu la dia...another american president passing away, while fidel castro? well, he's still alive and still in power after all these years. brapa ramai americans nak dia mati..tapi kalo dah umur panjang, ko antar la B-52s ke, cuban exiles ke, puss in boots ke...if the time's not up yet, belum masa la tu. but one thing i respected about reagan is the way he handles his speeches. sheer class...not like some idiotic buffon like George W. macam budak darjah satu je. nasib baik dia naik skang, kalo time cold war macam time reagan, mau Soviet hantar nukes everyday to the US.
and that was how the world went thru the weekend. all thanks to the idiot box. and if u wanna escape the world, well...those scantily clad ladies on MTV certainly does help..

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