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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

The Two Towers

just came back from my first tender submission at the petronas towers. it's nothing, really..just go there and hantar all the stuff. why not just fax it? senang citer...but the place is near and it provides a 'personal' touch to it. and besides, i've never been inside the KLCC towers, and ada chan sikit nak mengular...hehhehee...
sebenarnya, i was like this budak jakun from the outer boundaries of the malaysian jungle visiting Tower 2. it's like this super-ultra modern building. i'd just wish there were robots walking around just to add to my imagination.
so there i was, standing in front of the reception counter..exchanging my IC for the visitor pass. getting thru the front door was a challenge itself...mula2 cuak gak tak tau how the hell to swipe the bloody card.
relax...act natural...kacang je nih...
so dengan selambanya i went thru the door...got it thru on my first swipe...hahahahah..piece of cake, i thought.
then there was the elevator. nasib baik i noticed that each elevator was assigned to certain floors only. good thing i didn't just barge in...kalo tak, terkapai2 aku carik 'where the hell is the 27th floor??'
so i went inside what i thought was the correct elevator with this minah salleh. WRONG.
the 27 button was there allrite...u just can't press it. after pressing it a few times and being utterly dissapointed that it wouldn't light up...the lady spoke up...
"This can only go to even floors."
what?? even floors? why the hell elevator pun nak memilih even ke odd number ke? belasah je la floor mana pun. wait...don't tell me the elevator sebelah ni only goes to prime numbers, and this one goes only to multiples of 3...
"Murphy Oil is it?"
I nodded.
"You have to go to the 26th Floor anyway, that's where the reception is."
what? reception? ko ingat aku dispatch ke? hello...i already contacted them. she's expecting me...she said to go directly to the 27th floor. 27 is 27 lah...not 26 not 25 and certainly no reception...
so i got off the 26th floor. i went to the reception anyway, to ask if i could use the stairs to get one floor above.
"There's no stairs...u have to use the elevator."
no stairs? mentang2 la high-tech...one of the greatest invention created by mankind since the dawn of civilization pun takde ke??
kalau ada kebakaran camne?
now that would be an assuring sign..especially if u're on the 100th floor!
so back i went to the elevator...found the right one, and finally reached the 27th floor. Thank God.
passed the documents, had a bit of a chit chat, done. somehow, the journey out of the building didn't seem so bad at all. seemed somehow like an anticlimax after my misadventures in the Petronas towers. oh well, at least next time i'll know which elevator to take....

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o