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Friday, June 18, 2004

To snatch a thief

well, well...how much difference a day makes. yesterday i was rambling about the snatch thieves and how sialan they are. today...a girl was honored for nabbing a snatch thief. even i didn't get the chance to nab one when i had the chance. power sehhh...
THAT'S the kind of news i want to greet me in the morning. not another person found dead/murdered/cheated on. and especially NOT a headline screaming 'Mulut Penuh Dengan Mani'. good thing it's an afternoon paper. takde la shock sangat. if it's before lunch...maybe i'd skipped it.
it's good to hear someone getting rewarded for a kind deed they did. these are our everyday heroes. THESE are the people we should get our kids to follow. not justin, not britney and certainly NOT the Osbournes.
maybe we should have some sorta annual event where we honor these so-called 'unsung heroes'. in malaysia..i don't think that's hard to find. u know..the guy who queues up at the bus stop, the girl who gets up to offer her seat to the old lady, the cashier who smiles and helps u carry the bags to your car. wow...now that would be something.
but when u think about it...some of these things are so normal in certain places on this planet. what does that mean? ntah laaa..maybe we malaysians are from another planet. now THAT would explain a lot....

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