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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Snatch n sniff

such a sad sight in the morning. bummer, i thought. i was referring to the front page of The Star today. they showed the picture of the kids of the lady who died after a snatch theft incident. mannnn...they don't even know the meaning of death yet. just for a lousy few dollars...somebody had to die. is it really worth it? gile apa...u shouldn't ask this question in the first place.
on a more personal note...my mom was once a victim of snatch thieves too. it happened in JB a couple of years back. syukur Alhamdulillah...she wasn't hurt. she was just a bit shaken. aku pun rasa bersalah gak...i was walking in front of her about 50 meters. she was with my sister on our way back to the hotel. i should have stayed closer...at least the guy could have had second thoughts. (but looking at my body...maybe not)
it was all sudden. i was walking quickly..tak sabar nak balik hotel to get some much needed sleep. tetiba dengar my sister screaming...
when i turned...i saw my mom was on her knees and these 2 assholes on a motorcycle speeding away from them. instinctively...i gave chase la. i thought they were heading towards me, but they made a turn at this junction just before they reached me. aku pun dengan gaya konon bruce-willis-in-die-hard pun mengejar la. reality check...they're on a motorcycle...i'm on foot. u do the maths. the only thing i caught was the smell of smoke. heyy...at least i tried, ok?
kesian mak aku. i was really pissed off, but what could i do? plate number pun tak dapat. so i could imagine how it is for snatch victims, except the one in the paper didn't live to tell the tale.
are we really desperate for money these days? seriously...do people actually carry a million bucks in their handbags? what is it that they want? credit card? valid laa..for a couple of minutes! habis kuat pun u could get a couple of hundred dollars. if u're lucky, that is. and don't count urself lucky if u're a thief. big mistake.
but that's it, isn't it? a couple of bucks for one man may be a million to another. hari tu on Radio 4, the guys on the big breakfast show pleaded for people to not over-react when nabbing a snatch thief. "hand him over to the authorities and don't take matters into your own hands", they said. i say...FUCK IT. beat the crap out of the guy. just don't kill him. give him a reminder everytime he thinks of getting that quick, easy money. i think a broken nose will do just fine.

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