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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

sit back and enjoy the ride

woooooo..today is a very relaxing day. i spent all day just browsing the net. bapak bestnya. this was nice after yesterday's chaos. semalam tender submission...so a bit kelam kabut jugak yesterday. dah la aku tak cukup tido tengok england france...mamai je buat keje. what the hell...as long dah siap..i've done my job. i guess that's one of the things i like about this job...u have breathing space. i don't mind working like shit, but i DO mind working like shit EVERYDAY. macam tempat lama aku dulu. everyday is another battle. u live to get to the next day. itu yang aku separuh nyawa tu...hehhehe..
the next tender is due in 2 weeks...tu pasal aku ambik masa tu. heyy...i'm a malay, we're suppose to be like that lah.
so tonite Holland vs. Germany. tolong la holland menang...gila bosan siot germans main. just like the italians too. but i guess that kind of play wins matches, but for the armchair supporter like me...go to hell lah. i wanna be entertained, not watching Kasparov vs. Blue something.
browsing the internet is like hitchhiking in a foreign country. u never know where u're gonna reach. sebab hari ni aku malas buat keje...i've discovered that the world is full of psychos and brainiacs. i discovered that u could order this Terrrorist cookbook, which is like a handbook for would-be terrorists. u just have to pay for the information. anyone can order...that's the beauty of it.
great...how many terrorists are we creating everyday? now...any ali, ah beng or gopal can just log on and blow up the KLCC towers. comforting thought, isn't it?
that's America for all of u. the home of the brave, land of the free. yeahhh..we want freedom...but not this kind of freedom??!! sometimes, whether u like it or not, the ISA is a very important tool. if we could do whatever the hell we damn well please, i think we could end up blowing up ourselves to death. of course we want democracy and freedom, but it has limits..and we're very, very lucky that Malaysia has these limits.
okay...back to work...i'm starting to sound like Hishamudin...eughhhhhh...

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