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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Of sambals and cucumbers

one thing i've noticed lately in KL is....nasi lemak is BIG business. almost at every corner, there'll be someone selling nasi lemak. on my way to work, there's no less than 7 stalls selling the coconut-enriched rice. when u think of it, why shouldn't anyone be selling nasi lemak? it's easy to prepare, easy to sell and almost everyone in the malaysian society consumes it. not bad for something so unhealthy actually...but aren't big macs and whoppers the same too?
nasi lemak is such a flexible diet. u can eat it almost any time of the day. whether it's day or night...nasi lemak is on the menu. masa mula2 masuk UM, aku agak pelik gak apehal la orang makan nasi lemah tgh2 malam. i've always known nasi lemak as a breakfast meal, so seeing people eat it at 11 pm kinda makes me wonder. actually it's nothing, nasi lemak Pantai Dalam tu siap tak bukak lagi pagi2...malam baru bisnes rancak.
preparation for nasi lemak is fairly easy too. u just have to get the sambal to taste good. everything else is just completing the course. and i guess people just hentam saja whether it tastes good or not. janji nasi lemak.
me? i'm kinda picky in my nasi lemak. i love mine in daun pisang...barulah syok. not the taste of polystyrene or old newspapers in my mouth. and anyways, it adds to the flavor.
all this talk about nasi lemak is making me kinda hungry. nasib baik dah lunch. so if u're hungry reading this, go get urself that nasi lemak around the corner. and if u're thinking about opening a business...well...maybe nasi lemak could be ur pot of gold.

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