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Monday, June 14, 2004

magic...absolutely magic

ughhhh...it's really a tiring day. mengantuk gile...can't wait to get home. ini semua gara2 Euro la nih. but yesterday's game was a blast. france vs. england, traditional rivals and a match to remember. tak menyesal aku stay up semalam.
yesterday's game reminded me of the champions league final of 1999 between Man Utd and Bayern Munich. kind of ironic since most of the England team were part of that Man U winning cup side. this time they're on the losers side. i guess now they know how it felt like for Bayern. but i guess...the importance is not that high. England could go on to qualify if they get good results after this match. at least ini bukan cup final..u still got a chance to bounce back.
puas hati gak tengok game semalam. for me...the french nampak mmg technically waayyy better than the english. cuma nampak mcm diorang nak score bergaya je. padan muka gak bila england score first. man...i thought...an upset on the cards.
but hold on...when the great wizard of Zidane gets in his stride..u know why he's one of the greatest to play the game. enuff about all the crap...zidane is the REAL deal. i'm a believer...
but i can't go on watching all the games on TV. mampos aku asyik tido kat ofis. but i hope the ones that i get the chance to see will be the good matches of the tournament. here's to all football maniacs out there who'll make taik mata at the office and wake up in the morning wondering why the hell our time zone tak sama dengan Europe. huh...

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o