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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Detroit Rock City

i'd like to conratulate the pistons for winning the NBA championship this morning. i am in awe. seriously. when the finals matchup paired the Lakers vs. Pistons, i was thinking....what?? pistons? another ring on shaq's finger la tahun ni. how wrong i was.
seriuosly....sapa star yang pistons ada? richard hamilton? mamat tu bukan kena reject washington ke? ben wallace? afro dia lawa laaa..but can he play? compare that with the lakers. i like to call it the 'Dream Team' of the mid-90's. ye laaa...u got the dynamic duo of shaq and kobe. tetiba tahun ni tambah lak malone and gary payton. NBA veterans who still have something left in the tank. i thought only the San Antonio spurs could stop em, so when the Lakers beat them enroute to the Western Finals...i thought..yup, it's LA's year.
so i thought...until Game 1 when Detroit stunned everyone by winning at LA. hmmm...a fluke maybe? Game 2 they nearly got it if it wasn't for Kobe's heroics. and when the series shifted back to Detroit...it was game over. the only thing worth watching the Lakers was their cheerleaders. patut la diorang tak bole concentrate....hehhehe
so another season goes by...the only american sport i truly follow is the NBA. it's exciting, fast, emotional and apa2 tah lagi. i guess i caught up during the jordan years. aku rasa time tu lagi power...u got magic johnson, larry bird and the legend himself, MJ. tu pasal aku rasa team olympics basketball US '92 was really the Dream Team. lepas tu hampeh je..konon dream team.
the only thing that kinda sucks about watching the NBA is the live game. they usually play in the morning (malaysian time la). dulu masa student syok laaa..kul 8-9 pagi no hal punya. skang ni terpaksa tengok Yahoo baru bole tau the current score. oh well, like the tagline...I Love this game!

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