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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

dah demam? yeahh..i'm a sick man

i have a confession to make. i know that i'll be the butt of jokes of my fellow peers, the laughing stock of the party and be the victim of slurs from other strangers. yep, u know it...
i watch Akademi Fantasia.
so there. have mercy on me as a few millions of my fellow countrymen can't go wrong. well...they might be.
but the reality is...a lot of us watch it. mengaku je la, whether u like it or not. i wouldn't call myself a fan...just a common follower. meaning? i just watch the show once a week on saturday nights. i do NOT know bob's favourite meal...i do NOT know what colour zarina likes (though she's kinda cute). fact is...i hardly remember their names. but..i'm attracted to the show anyhow. it's a love hate relationship. yup..i love to hate watching it. the oh-so-corny lines, streotype malay dialogue and emotional drama is sometimes bad for the stomach, but fun nonetheless. try it and see...hehhehe..
what really makes me sick is how Astro is squeezing every single tiny drop of the AF juggernaught. tak cukup diorang replay last season's final a million times, they're selling the VCD, collectibles and other money-making trash called merchandising. this season they really pumped it up with interactive menus and a chat space so u can eat, breathe and smell like the AF people 24-7. who needs a life, right?
just last saturday..i caught up wit my first AF concert. okay...so waiting for Aznil to read out the name on the envelope was a bit suspenseful...but i went berzerk when he said that no one was voted out this week. which means...2 weeks in a row that no one has got the boot, which means an extra week of Akademi Fantasia, which means $$$$$ for good ol' Astro. smart people they are...see what i mean by squeezing every last drop of this AF thing?
so who'll get kicked off this week? who knows..maybe they'll keep all of them until the finale. i'm starting to feel sick already...

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o