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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Copa Europa

so off we go again. the start of sleepy mornings at the office, late nights in front of the TV, and the end of boring nights for 30 days. yesss..another major football tournament is here. Euro 2004 kicks off in 2 days 8 hours and 50 minutes, according to Soccernet that is, at the time of writing.
and even though u're not a football fan, u're bound to notice thanks to all the hoopla created by our honorable sponsors. watch Euro and win! SMS and win! collect dumb bottle caps and win!! yesss...this world wouldn't even budge if it wasn't for adverstising. talking about ads, i love the carlsberg Euro commercial they play at the cinemas. not that i love carlsberg that is...just the ad, okay. yes...i too am guilty of being 'Part of the game'.
i guess the second major football tournament that people look forward to after the world cup, is the european championships. not that i'm degrading the Copa America, tapi come on laaa...kalo Ronaldo pun is skipping the Copa America to get a rest...i can't even imagine Henry missing the Euro coz he's going to the Bahamas. itu aje dah nampak the different level this tournament is.
but let's face the facts, more than half of the world's greatest players come from Europe. kalo world cup to qualifying based on rankings, mau world cup tu jadi European + Latin American Cup. asia? africa? north america? kiss ass lah...
and of course, since malaysia happens to be in Asia, and this is the EUROPEAN cup, i could be forgiven for supporting another nation. (padahal world cup ke, even asia cup pun, we'd be very, very lucky if we can support Malaysia)
and my country of choice? (jack sibuk suruh aku pilih satu team) the netherlands. yess, holland or the country with porno on TV or whatever u wanna call em. actually, i hope they get far after all the problems they're facing now. that's why i'm rooting for them, coz they're one of the favourites, but the team is in such a mess that it'll be a great comeback if they win this. honestly, i've always had a soft spot for England. yeah yeah, so they ruled us for more than a 100 years, but still..after growing up on a healthy diet of english league football and seeing the likes of linekar, gazza and barnes grace across the field, why wouldn't i support them? it's just that the English are soooo cocky, perasan terrer konon. look at their strikers dah laaa...rooney? heskey? they couldn't even play for France's second team. but marah2 pun...i wouldn't mind seeing them do well too...hehehehehe....
so it's off to portugal...who'll become the next big star? the one-time wonder? the hero? the fall guy? the fluke team? the greatest team? the world's best celebration? (sorry, couldn't help that..)

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